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Why We Recommend Amplicomms

2 March 2021  |  Eugene

At AmplifiedTelephones.co.uk, above all else, our mission is to provide simple products that make it comfortable for the hard of hearing to keep in touch with family and friends. We put lots of thought and care into the brands we decide to offer, and every product on our site comes from a name we trust. There are plenty of brands available, and we think it's important that our customers know that we don't give our seal of approval to just anyone.

So then, why does Amplicomms make the cut?

Why we trust Amplicomms

Loud and Clear: Why We Trust Amplicomms

Though you may not have heard of Amplicomms, this German-designed company have been working for 25 years to become one of the most trusted names in accessible telephones and assistive devices. Amplicomms design all of their products around the simple idea of loud and clear communication. While this might seem obvious, bringing loud volumes and unique clarity to as many areas as possible is the real key to connecting the hearing disabled to the world around them.

There are cheaper alternatives out there, but in our experience these options aren't nearly as user-friendly or intuitive to use, which is great for users who aren't familiar with newer tech. Amplicomms aren't all talk either, as all of their products provide High Definition sound to deliver every word and every inflection for the most comfortable listening experience we've found.

Who Should Choose Amplicomms?

The unique build quality and focused design of Amplicomms phones and hearing assistants are meant to meet the specific needs of their customers. You should choose Amplicomms if you:

  1. Need loud and clear sound to hear every word in a conversation
  2. Want to avoid complicated operating systems or controls
  3. Would appreciate reassuring features like large keys, bright displays and caller ID
  4. Are looking for a sleek design that won't look out of place
  5. Want great product support and instructions to help you every step of the way

What Sets Amplicomms Apart?

Simply put, Amplicomms elevate their products with an attention to detail and a design philosophy that puts the needs of the user first. There are cheap alternatives, but in our experience these options aren't nearly as user-friendly or intuitive to use. Each of their products is designed for:

  • Simplicity: Simple interfaces and controls allow seniors to seamlessly integrate hearing solutions into their everyday lives
  • Compatibility: Every Amplicomms product features full M4/TV hearing aid compatibility
  • Boosted Volume: Loud volumes and audioboost keys deliver booming sound with the ability to up the 'oomph' when needed
  • Crystal Clarity: Voice equalisers provide extra crispness to voices to ensure a word is never missed
  • Clever Design: Wireless access and modern convenience are incorporated without complicating important features
  • Easy Setup: Don't waste time with setup – Amplicomms products are designed to work right away

The AmplifiedTelephones.co.uk Seal of Approval

We don't take our task of hand-picking the best amplified products lightly, but with Amplicomms the decision is usually simple. They've yet to let us down with user-friendly products to improve the lives of the elderly and the hard of hearing, and we're always excited to get a look at the new items they have available for us. While they aren't the only option out there to keep you in touch with the hard of hearing, you can certainly be happy that you've made a solid choice with an Amplicomms home phone, mobile or hearing assistant.

Some of Our Current Favourites from Amplicomms...

Amplicomms PowerTel 196 Extra-Loud Corded Amplified Telephone

Amplicomms PowerTel 196 Extra-Loud Corded Amplified Telephone

  • Amplified corded phone designed for volume and clarity
  • Ideal for the elderly and the severely hearing impaired
  • Amplified receiver volume of up to 60dB (32x a normal phone)
  • Provides premium sound without echo, feedback or distortion
£69.98+ FREE UK deliveryMore Info
Available now

Amplicomms BigTel 1580 Corded Number Blocker Amplified Phone and Additional Handset

Amplicomms BigTel 1580 Corded Number Blocker Amplified Phone and Additional Handset

  • Corded amplified telephone with a number blocker and additional handset
  • Ideal for those who value privacy or are hard of hearing
  • Adjustable receiver volume of up to 35dB (6x louder than a normal phone)
  • Includes voicemail with 60 minutes of recording time
£81.99+ FREE UK deliveryMore Info
Available now

Do you have a question, or any experience with Amplicomms products? Let us know in the comments section below!