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Best Smartphones for Impaired Hearing 2020

Friday, 12 July 2019

Just because you suffer from hearing loss doesn’t mean that you should be excluded from the smartphone world! While most new smartphones are made with relatively quiet receivers and fiddly touchscreens, there are options made for clarity, ease of use and accessibility to bring smartphone convenience to just about anyone. At AmplifiedTelephones, we're experts on all sorts of loud and accessible mobile phones, and we've selected a couple of our favourites as our Best Smartphones for Impaired Hearing in 2020.

What Makes a Good Hard of Hearing Smartphone?

First and foremost, a smartphone for the hard of hearing means a loud, clear receiver. This means that the call volume is much louder than on a standard phone, making it easier for you to hear what’s being said and making sound clearer. Tone control and hearing aid compatibility add to this clarity; fantastic for individuals with high or low frequency hearing loss, enabling you to adjust the tone of the sound to match your hearing.

That being said, our favourite mobile phones and smartphones for impaired hearing aren't all about volume. Our picks below also take into account ease of use and accessibility, making them perfect first smartphones for someone looking to bring their mobile phone use into the modern era!

Our Best Smartphone for the Hearing Impaired

Amplicomms PowerTel M9500 Senior Smartphone Mobile Phone

Amplicomms PowerTel M9500 Senior Smartphone Mobile Phone

  • Easy-to-use smartphone for the elderly
  • Hearing aid compatibility M4/T4
  • Adjustable receiver volume up to 40dB (8x a normal phone)
  • Simplified interface for more straightforward use
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Why It's Our Favourite

  • Great value for money
  • Extra-loud 40dB receiver
  • Ideal first smartphone with user-friendly navigation

Our Most Advanced Smartphone for the Hard of Hearing

Why It Gets the #2 Rank

  • Bright and vivid display
  • Loud 35dB receiver
  • Slightly more complicated to use than the M9500

If you’re still looking for the best smartphones for people with impaired hearing, head on over to Amplified Telephones and check out our range of Amplified Mobile Phones.