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Learn About Hearing Loss

31 July 2019
Understanding Decibels

Decibels are all over amplified telephone products, but what do they really mean? Whether you just want a quick and easy guide or are looking for more detail, we've put together this Understanding Decibels blog to get you started.

23 July 2019  |  Eugene
How Loud Should My Amplified Phone Be?

Our amplified phones list their volume rating in decibels – but what if you don't know exactly what you're looking for? In this article, we'll tell you How Loud Your Amplified Phone Should Be for your needs.

10 July 2019
M and T Hearing Aid Ratings Explained

M and T ratings – or Microphone and Telecoil ratings – can seem confusing at first. In M and T Hearing Aid Ratings Explained we help you get your head around the ratings to find the right mobile phone.

10 July 2019
Which SIM Card Do I Need?

There's nothing worse than being left stuck asking: Which SIM Card Do I Need? To keep things simple we've written this basics-only explanation to which SIM card is which, and where you can find out which you need.

12 July 2016
What Is Presbycusis?

Do you find it difficult to have a conversation with your family? Do you struggle meeting new people because you canít hear them? Do you turn up the television every evening just to hear it? If the answer is yes, you may be suffering from presbycusis. Originating from the Greek words presbys (old) and akousis (hearing), presbycusis refers to the gradual loss of hearing that affects around 30-35% of adults aged between 65 and 75 years of age. It is caused by the one thing we have no control over: time.