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25 October 2023  |  Sharman
Loudest Mobile Phones for Hard of Hearing

Check out our Loudest Mobile Phones for Hard of Hearing to find mobiles with extra-loud receivers and ringers. From extra simple stripped back phones to full-on smartphones, we have the extra-loud mobile phone for you.

5 September 2023  |  Sharman
Best Loud Alarm Clocks 2023

Whether you're hard of hearing or just a really deep sleeper, a normal alarm clock or phone alarm might not be loud enough. Incredibly loud, with shakers and vibration, our Best Loud Alarm Clocks 2023 are sure to wake you!

4 September 2023  |  Sharman
Loudest Phones for Hard of Hearing

Suffering from partial deafness or hard of hearing shouldn't stop you from using your phone. This guide to our Loudest Phones for Hard of Hearing features landlines, mobiles and more, all with extra loud ringers and speakers.

26 July 2023  |  Rosie
Best Personal Amplifiers 2023

Everyone deserves to have fun conversations with friends and family, enjoy TV and the radio, and generally navigate the world with ease. If these are things you struggle with, check out our blog on the Best Personal Amplifiers.

21 July 2023  |  Rosie
Which Hearing Loop Do I Need?

Businesses need to cater for the hard of hearing for accessibility and legality. If you're asking 'Which Hearing Loop Do I Need?', we've got all the answers with options for every industry for safe and satisfied customers.

2 February 2023  |  Eugene
Looking for the Geemarc CL8500 Amplified Mobile Phone?

Are you looking for the Geemarc CL8500 Mobile Phone? It was a top choice for years, but it's now been replaced by the new and improved Geemarc CL8700 Mobile Phone.

23 January 2023  |  Eugene
Best Smartphones for Impaired Hearing 2023

Suffering from hearing loss shouldn't mean that you're excluded from the smartphone world! At, we're experts on all sorts of loud phones, so we've selected a couple of our favourites as our Best Smartphones for Impaired Hearing.

23 January 2023  |  Eugene
Top 3 Amplified Phones for Noisy Environments 2023

Loud environments like factories and warehouses will often produce so much noise from workers and machinery that standard phones can't be heard. To avoid missing important calls, choose one of our Top 3 Amplified Phones for Noisy Environments 2020.

23 January 2023  |  Eugene
Best Christmas Gifts for the Hard of Hearing 2023

Staying connected with loved ones is important during the Christmas season, but many phones are too quiet or complicated for the elderly and hard of hearing. Keep them connected with our Best Gifts for the Hard of Hearing Christmas.

15 January 2023  |  Eugene
Best Cordless Amplified Phones 2023

While the loudest phones are usually corded, there are plenty of extra-loud cordless options to let you hear your conversations with loud and clear sound in every room of the house! Learn more with our Best Cordless Amplified Telephones.

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