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The 4 Best Phones for Seniors

Monday, 27 June 2016  |  Admin

As we get older, our senses and functions may begin to deteriorate. Whether this is in regard to your eyesight, hearing, memory, dexterity or a combination of these, everyday tasks – such as using the telephone can become more difficult. You may, for instance, struggle to hear the ringing of your telephone, or to remember contact numbers. This can be frustrating for you and worrying for loved ones and carers who need to stay in contact with you. 

Finding using the phone tricky may seem like a relatively small problem in the great scheme of things, but picture an emergency situation – what if an elderly relative had a fall, and was unable to alert someone?

Luckily, at Amplified Telephones we stock a wide range of devices designed with senior citizens in mind, making the phone more accessible for the elderly. Read on to find out more about some of the best phones we have to offer and see if you can benefit.

Geemarc Amplipower 50 Amplified Telephone for the Hearing Impaired

All of the telephones available from our online store are amplified (the clue is in our name!) and developed with the hard of hearing in mind. Hearing loss is a very common symptom of old age – in fact, as many as 70% of over 70-year-olds suffer from this, with age-related damage to the cochlea being the single biggest cause of hearing loss in the UK. 

Do you find you often have to turn up the TV volume, or strain to hear in group conversations? You may be suffering from age-related hearing loss and could benefit from an amplified telephone, such as the Geemarc Amplipower 50.

This is a really popular choice among amplified telephones due to the fact that it’s one of the loudest in the world. With a massive receiver volume of 60dB, 6 to 7 times louder than a standard phone, as well as an extra loud amplified ringer volume, this corded device is perfect for those in need of a big volume boost. Callers will come through loud and clear!

If you suffer from minor hearing loss and are after something a little less powerful, our amplified phones have a varying range of receiver and ringer volumes, so you can choose the dB you require. These phones are also often hearing aid compatible, so the hard of hearing can truly get the most out of their device.

Doro PhoneEasy 110 Cordless Amplified Telephone for the Visually Impaired

If you’re a senior whose eyesight is not as sharp as it once was, Amplified Telephones also stock some great phones for you. 

The Doro PhoneEasy 110 is a popular choice; like the Geemarc Amplipower 50, this phone is amplified, with a 30dB receiver volume to aid the hard of hearing. In addition, it features a bright, high contrast display, big button keypad and talking number keys which speak out the numbers that have been pressed. This makes the phone a fantastic choice for those with reduced eyesight, who may, for instance, sometimes press the wrong buttons and dial an incorrect number.

88% of those who suffer from both hearing and sight loss are aged 70 or over. Therefore the Doro PhoneEasy 110, which targets both hearing and sight loss, is a perfect choice for the elderly. This unit is also cordless, so won’t restrict you from moving about your home as you speak on the phone.


Geemarc PhotoPhone 300 Amplified Picture Telephone for the Memory Impaired

So that’s hearing and sight ticked off, but what if you suffer memory loss? This is another common association of old age and can make life really frustrating. Having to remember a contact number or fumbling through a phonebook every time you need to make a call is not always convenient, particularly if you also have reduced dexterity. 

Making calls has never been easier than with the Geemarc PhotoPhone 300 – your favourite contacts can be dialled with literally just the press of a button! The idea is that you place photos of your loved ones inside the large buttons, allowing for an easily recognisable indication of who’s who. Simply press their picture and with one-touch you can be in contact! This is a fantastic solution for dementia sufferers who want to continue using the phone and lead as normal a life as possible at home.

Doro 312cs PhoneEasy Big Button Corded Telephone for the Less Dexterous


Finally, loss of motor function is also often experienced by the elderly. Perhaps you have suffered a stroke, have Parkinson’s or simply aren’t as dexterous as you once were. This can make using the small, fiddly buttons common of a standard telephone a real challenge, if not impossible.

Amplified Telephones stock a wide range of big button phones designed to help with this. The Doro 312cs PhoneEasy is a great example, an amplified, hearing aid compatible phone with a large, LCD display. In addition, this corded telephone has big button concave keys, one touch memory buttons and an easy-to-grip handset. This makes the unit perfect for the less-nimble fingered, so your reduced motor function doesn’t have to hold you back from keeping in contact with the outside world.

The Doro 312cs PhoneEasy is a corded unit, perfect for use in the home. If you require a mobile phone to easily stay in contact when out and about, the big button Geemarc CL8350 also makes a great choice. This phone is functional and big-buttoned without compromising on sleekness and style – say goodbye to fiddly, small button mobile phones!


Amplified Telephones stock a wide range of useful products for seniors - visit our online store today!