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What is the Loudest Telephone?

28 June 2016

Hearing loss can really hold you back from everyday activities. Whether you find it difficult to detect the ringing of the phone, have to turn the TV volume up loud or struggle to follow group conversations, the hearing impaired can be left feeling frustrated and isolated, particularly if your hearing loss is deteriorating as you get older.

Thankfully, there are numerous devices available to aid with this common sign of old age. At Amplified Telephones, we stock a wide range of phones created with the hearing impaired in mind. These are often hearing aid compatible and are designed to amplify both the ringing and receiver volume, making using the phone significantly less of an ordeal.

Need a Boost?

With such a variety of amplified phones available, it may be difficult to know where to start. Furthermore, if your hearing loss is relatively severe, you may wish to cut to the chase and know which amplified telephone is the loudest on the market.

So we’ll make it simple: the loudest amplified telephone in the world, with a receiver volume of a very high 60dB, is the Geemarc Amplipower 50. This particular model is therefore the perfect choice for those suffering from significant hearing loss, where other amplified telephones with a lower decibel volume haven’t been loud enough. In fact, the Amplipower 50 is six to seven times louder than a standard telephone – ideal if you really need a boost!

Never Miss a Call Again

The Geemarc Amplipower 50 has a range of other features in place which make it a fantastic, multi-functional device. As well as including adjustable ringer and receiver volume, the corded device has tone control, allowing the user to adapt the phone to the frequency of your hearing loss.

It’s also compatible with T-coil hearing aids to enable clearer sound direct to your hearing aids, should you wear them. As if this wasn’t enough, the Amplipower 50 also has a bright strobe indicator which can flash to alert you to an incoming call. The hard of hearing need never miss a call again!

Stay In Touch

If you suffer from sight, dexterity and/or memory loss along with your hearing loss, something more common among the elderly, the Geemarc Amplipower 50 can also be of use. The big-button, high contrast keypad makes dialling numbers easier, both for those who struggle to see and those with reduced motor function.

Furthermore, the landline phone can store up to twelve numbers which can be dialled by the press of a button. This makes calling your favourite contacts even more accessible for those with reduced sight and dexterity, as well as for those who may struggle to remember contact numbers. Keeping your link to the outside world has never been easier for the hearing impaired and elderly!

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