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Top 5 Best Corded Amplified Telephones

13 July 2019

At Amplified Telephones, we understand how isolating hearing loss can be. No one wants to feel alone, cut off from their loved ones just because they can’t hear the phone ringing. Hearing impairments should not have a negative impact on you or your loved ones though, not when there is the simple solution of an amplified telephone. Telephones for the hard of hearing differ dramatically in style, amplification and design... and we have them all!

If you’re looking for a corded amplified phone for a loved one who is hard of hearing, we’ve got you covered. To make things easier, we have composed a list of the Top 5 Best Corded Amplified Phones to help you choose the correct one!

Geemarc Amplipower 50 Hard of Hearing Telephone

A popular amplified telephone, the Amplipower 50 is one of the loudest phones in the world! This corded phone is great for those with severe hearing loss as it has an amplification of 60dB, around 6/7 times louder than a normal phone. The ring volume is enhanced with strobe lighting to alert your loved one to an incoming call.

Hearing loss is not always across all frequencies. High frequency hearing, especially sounds such as “s” and “th”, become difficult to hear. The Amplipower 50 has a tone control option to allow users to adjust the tone to help clarify those awkward sounds. It’s not surprising this is one of the best corded telephones for the hard of hearing.

Take a look around Amplified Telephones today to explore the full range of corded amplified telephones on offer!