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5 Reasons to Use a Big Button Phone

24 June 2016

Amplified Telephones may be our name, but that’s not to say that amplification is the only feature our phones can offer. We also stock a wide variety of big button phones (many of which are also amplified), designed to benefit a range of people.

A big button telephone does what it says on the tin – rather than having smaller buttons common of standard telephones, it features a larger, easy press keypad which often has high-contrast, concave buttons, making dialling and using the phone easier. 

Read on to learn more about the reasons why big button phones are useful and see if you can benefit from the range available at Amplified Telephones!

1.    If You Have Reduced Sight

One reason to use a big button phone is if you are visually impaired. For those with reduced eyesight, the smaller buttons of a standard telephone can be difficult to read. You may find that you strain your eyes to read the numbers, or have to hold the receiver close to your face.

Big button telephones can help eradicate this problem. Take the Geemarc CL555, for instance. This model features high contrast, large buttons which stand out from the phone, with white numbers printed on a black background for easy reading. This, along with the large, clear LCD display screen, makes this phone perfect for those whose eyesight isn’t as sharp as it once was.

2.    If You Are Less Dexterous

Another reason to use a big button phone is if you are less dexterous, for instance if you suffer from loss of motor function. Phones seem to have got smaller and smaller through the ages. Mobile phones in particular are often praised for their compactness and trendy, slimline design. This is not helpful for the less nimble, the smaller buttons proving fiddly and difficult to navigate. 

At Amplified Telephones we offer a range of big button phones, including big button mobile phones like the Geemarc CL8350. These help prevent users with limited dexterity from pressing the wrong button or two at once when dialling a number. 

3.    If You Suffer Memory Loss

Some of the big button phones available at Amplified Telephones can also benefit those with reduced memory. The Geemarc PhotoPhone 300, for example, features the standard big number buttons, but additionally includes big picture buttons. These facilitate a “press the photo to dial” system, where the user can simply press the picture of a loved one to dial their number.

This saves searching through an address book or having to remember phone numbers, making using the telephone and keeping in contact with loved ones as easy as possible for the memory impaired.

4.    If You Have a Hearing Impairment

Most of the big button phones available from our online store are also amplified. This means that they not only benefit the visually impaired and less dexterous, but also those with reduced hearing, useful should you suffer from both hearing and sight loss, for example.

Take the Geemarc Amplipower 50 – this model features the same high-contrast big buttons, but also has an enormous receiver volume of 60dB, the loudest amplified telephone in the world! Additionally, the corded phone is hearing aid compatible and has an adjustable ring volume and tone control. With phones like these, you can ensure you’ll always be able to hear the telephone whilst also being able to dial and read the numbers more easily.

5.    For the Elderly - Quicker, Easier Use in an Emergency

We’ve explored some of the range of big button phones available at Amplified Telephones, seeing how they can benefit those with reduced sight, dexterity, memory and hearing - all common associations of old age. If you have an elderly loved one, you may worry that they’ll be unable to keep in contact with you, or unable to easily use the telephone in an emergency.

With big button amplified phones, family members and carers can rest assured that loved ones can use the telephone with greater ease. For this reason, the usefulness of big button phones cannot be stressed enough!

Explore the range of big button phones available from Amplified Telephones now!