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What is a DECT Phone?

28 June 2016

If you’re roaming the world of telephones, communication and electronic devices, trying to find the best model for you, you may have come across the word DECT. Confused by this acronym? Well read on to find out what this means, how it can benefit you and explore some of the DECT phones available at Amplified Telephones!

Wander Freely

To cut to the chase, DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology. This means, therefore, that DECT phones are cordless, allowing the user to wander freely around their home as they use the telephone, rather than be restricted by the wires used by standard corded landline units. Good news for those who tend to do lap after lap of the house whenever they’re having a good chat!

Cordless or Mobile?

So does that mean that DECT phones are mobile phones? NO! Whilst technically DECT phones are mobile as the user is not restricted by cables, cordless phones and mobile phones are not considered the same. A mobile phone is intended for use both in and away from home, using its own signal. A cordless DECT phone, on the other hand, works with your landline phone line, connecting to a base unit which radiates signals to the handset.

Extend Your System

Another benefit of DECT phones is the possibility of additional handsets. With a corded landline you essentially get what you’re given – a single, static base phone for use in one area of your home. Comparatively, most DECT phones can work as part of a system, where several handsets can be placed around your home should you wish. These can be used to make free internal calls to each other, useful if you have a large home or for use in a care home.

The Geemarc AmpliDect 355 Combi Set, for instance, comes with both a corded unit and DECT phone which have been synchronised. You may then connect an additional four AmpliDect 355 cordless handsets, allowing you to extend your DECT system throughout your home.

Amplify It

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