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How the Bellman Visit System Can Help You

1 July 2016

If you’re the 1 in 6 of us who suffers from hearing loss in the UK, you may struggle to detect certain sounds in the home. Whether this is the ringing of the phone or something more urgent like the sounding of the smoke alarm, hearing loss can be frustrating at best and, at worse, unsafe.

One of our recent posts explored the Bellman & Symfon brand, a fantastic range of devices designed to make it easier for the hard of hearing to be alerted to everyday, household sounds. 

Many of these products are part of the Bellman Visit 868 Range. This series consists of transmitters and receivers, which work together using radio signals to alert the user to various factors and keep you in the know. Read on to learn more!

Transmit and Receive, Over

The idea is that the Bellman transmitters can be placed around your home, depending on what you need them for. So you could set one up to be triggered by the ringing of your doorbell, or the crying of your baby, or the sounding of your smoke alarm. The transmitter will be alerted of the stimulus, using radio signals to relay this information to you via a receiver. These transmitters are compact and discreet, so won’t be an eyesore or intrusion to your home.

There are various different receivers available in the range, with varying degrees of portability. One great example is the Bellman Visit Pager Receiver: a handy, compact device which attaches to your belt. It will emit discreet vibrations and lights to alert you of activity within your home, so you will never find yourself missing anything important due to hearing loss again!

In Sync

The beauty of the Bellman Visit 868 System is in the name: this truly is designed as a system and not just stand alone devices. Of course, there’s no problem with using Bellman Visit products on their own but, if you own more than one transmitter, it’s so handy knowing that you can sync everything together.

This means that all you need on you is one compact receiver to stay aware of any multitude of alerts. Depending on which transmitters you own, from this one receiver you can manage numerous different activities within your home - a smart solution for those who want to stay on top of their household.

Tailor Made

Many of the Bellman Visit receivers are customisable, allowing you to set it so that different signals will be sent depending on what has been triggered. So, if all of your alerts are centered to one receiver, you’ll still be able to distinguish between the individual sources of sound.

The Bellman Visit range keeps you in the know of activity surrounding your residence. But not everyone wants to be alerted of everything, all the time. What if you’re sleeping and want to make sure you’ll be woken if the fire alarm should go off, however don’t want to be disturbed by a phone call?

Using the Bellman 868 System means you can tailor your alerts however and whenever you wish, enabling you to truly get the most out of the technology. As the products connect through radio signals, you simply adjust the radio key so that they run on the same frequency, and you’re ready to go. This is useful if someone close by is also using the 868 System, allowing you to adjust it so that your devices do not interfere with one another.

If the sound of the Bellman Visit System strikes a chord with you then check out the Bellman range on Amplified Telephones now!