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Geemarc: Right on the Mark

16 December 2015

Mobile phones, computers, alarm clocks, televisions... let’s face it, we live in a device dependent world. From something as basic as the doorbell, to the more advanced smartphone or tablet, we’re sure everyone in the UK relies on at least one household device.

These are supposed to make your life easier, whether this is by improving communication, allowing you to perform a task more quickly or simply by entertaining you. But if you have a visual or hearing impairment, you may feel you are missing out on some of these benefits.

Geemarc Telecom was founded in 1974 and has four decades of experience in telecommunications design and manufacture under its belt. They offer specialised communication equipment for the hard of hearing and visually impaired, so that you too can get the most out of your devices.

So what exactly does the Geemarc range have to offer? Let’s explore some of the products available from Amplified Telephones. 

It transforms your existing telephone by allowing it to ring at 95dB – the same volume as a pneumatic drill! This is adjustable depending on your needs, and the product can also emit a flashing strobe light. 

Gee Whizz

There are many more awesome Geemarc products available, from vibrating alarm clocks, to doorbell amplifiers, and even specialised mobile phones. As one of the pioneers of cordless telephones in the UK, you can trust that Geemarc are equipped to deliver brilliant results to you.

Check out the full range now on Amplified Telephones, and make life in the home a little easier.