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Best Alarm Clocks for the Hard of Hearing - Amplicomms TCL 400 vs Bellman Alarm Clock Classic

24 April 2018  |  Eugene

Waking up in the morning can be difficult for just about anyone, but for the hard of hearing it can seem down right impossible. While standard alarm clocks will get the job done for most people, those with hearing impairments can often face an entirely different challenge, as alarm clocks need to be equipped with extra loud alarms, vibrating pads or other quirks to make sure they'll get you out of bed on time. With so many alarm clocks claiming to be the best around for the deaf and hard of hearing, how are you to sort through the noise and pick the best for you?

At, we know what separates the best products for hearing impairments from the rest, and we're here to help. Today, we're comparing two of our best extra-loud alarm clocks for the deaf and hard of hearing: the Amplicomms TCL 400 Extra-Loud Radio-Controlled Alarm Clock and the Bellman Alarm Clock Classic for the Hard of Hearing, both available with free UK delivery.

Competitor 1 - Amplicomms TCL 400 Extra-Loud Radio-Controlled Alarm Clock

Amplicomms TCL 400 alarm clock

The Amplicomms TCL 400 Extra-Loud Radio-Controlled Alarm Clock is designed to be an all-round solution to alerting the hard of hearing when it matters. Besides featuring a booming 95dB alarm, this clock can also detect other alarms sounding in the vicinity, such as a smoke or burglar alarm, and will immediately signal its own alarm to boost the reach and efficacy of the alert. A brilliantly bright display provides a powerful visual alert that flashes for extra visibility, providing easy readings and another way to be alerted when you need to be. To provide an all-round wake-up solution, this clock is also available with a Vibrating Pillow Pad.

Key Features

  • Extra-loud 95dB alarm tone for powerful audio alerts
  • Ideal for even the noisiest work or home environments
  • Boosts the sound of other alarms to increase your safety and security
  • Large and brilliantly bright display for easy readings and visual alerts
  • Display emits six extra-bright flashing lights to immediately demand attention
  • Also available with a Vibrating Pillow Pad
  • Extremely affordable and versatile hard-of-hearing alarm clock

Competitor 2 - Bellman Alarm Clock Classic for the Hard of Hearing

Bellman Alarm Clock Classic for the Hard of Hearing

While the previous alarm clock uses sheer volume and bright lights to wake the most stubborn of sleepers, its competitor combines these tactics with a more sophisticated approach. Slightly upmarket to the TCL 400, the Bellman Alarm Clock Classic for the Hard of Hearing combines an extremely loud alarm tone with a vibrating bed shaker, providing slumber-busting power that you can both hear and feel. With a backup battery to ensure functionality during a power loss, and a clever alarm that rotates through alarm frequencies to make certain you'll notice it, this alarm pulls out all the stops to make sure you wake up in the morning.

Key Features

  • Thunderous 100dB alarm to wake the hard of hearing
  • Supplied with a vibrating bed shaker for under a mattress or pillow
  • Back-up battery keeps alarm clock working in the event of a power failure
  • Smart snooze function to reduce alarm intervals the more you ignore them
  • Illuminated LCD display with large rotating dials to easily set the time and alarm
  • Alarm tone sweeps through the frequencies to ensure you notice it
  • Intelligently designed, very smart alarm clock for the deaf and hard of hearing

Who Wins?

Before we give our verdict, it's worth pointing out that these two alarm clocks for the hard of hearing are in very different price brackets, and should be treated as such. Taking this into account, we'll divide our verdict between two categories: Best for the Features and Best for the Money.

Best for the Money - Amplicomms TCL 400

While the smart functionality and meticulous design of the Bellman wins for features, the product that Amplicomms has provided at the price point is worthy of just as many merits. The 95dB alarm is loud enough for just about anyone, and the ability to chime in and boost the efficacy of your smoke and burglar alarms is a nice touch. The ability to emit a flashing light to alert the user is another nice feature of the TCL 400, making it suitable for use in workshops and auto garages, or any other environment where hearing things is simply not an option. The fact that it also includes the option for a vibrating pillow pad is another great selling point, providing plenty of functionality for most users.

Have any questions about these alarm clocks, or another of our products for the deaf and hard of hearing? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.