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Bellman and Symfon: Design For Ears

1 July 2016

So you've arrived at Amplified Telephones and want to start exploring what’s available from our online store. But where do you begin? Reading through the many descriptions of our telephones and comparing all the features and benefits can seem a little daunting, particularly if you’re not technically minded.

With our brand focus blog, we aim to break it down a little, introducing you range by range to help you decide which brand is right for you. Today we’re going to explore the Bellman & Symfon brand, a fantastic assortment of products with twenty-five years of experience and passion for hearing behind it. They not only offer solutions for those who struggle to hear the telephone, but solutions to help you detect a range of other household sounds.

Overall, the Bellman range aims to improve quality of life for the hearing impaired, allowing you to get on with everyday tasks and lead a life which isn’t overshadowed by hearing loss.

Visit the Bellman Visit Range

Many of Bellman & Symfon’s products are part of the Bellman Visit Range. This series consists of transmitters and receivers, designed to work together to alert the hard of hearing user to various sounds.

The idea is that the transmitters can be placed around your home, depending on what you need them for. So you could set one up to be triggered by the ringing of your doorbell, or the crying of your baby, or the sounding of your smoke alarm. The transmitter will be alerted of the stimulus and then uses radio signals to relay this information to you via a receiver.

There are various different receivers available in the range, with varying degrees of portability. One great example is the Bellman Visit Pager Receiver: a handy, compact device which attaches to your belt. It will emit discreet vibrations and lights to alert you of activity within your home, so you will never find yourself missing anything important due to hearing loss again!

Put a Ring On It

If you’ve come to Amplified Telephones, the chances are that you’re seeking a device to help you detect the ringing of the phone. The Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter is part of this great range; the handy little box detects the ringing of your phone and radio signals your Bellman receiver, which will notify you using either light, sound or vibration alerts.

The telephone transmitter is designed to easily operate with your existing analogue phone by plugging into the telephone socket - a simple but effective solution for those who struggle to hear the ringing of the phone!

Bell-mans and Whistles

And the Bellman range doesn’t stop there. It also includes an assortment of other useful devices which can make your life easier, from amplified headphones, to neckloops, to personal amplifiers. There are even hard of hearing alarm clocks which can shake you awake in the morning! These products combine sleek design with all the bells and whistles you need, but without being overly complicated to allow for simple set up and use.

So what are you waiting for? Explore the full Bellman range available from Amplified Telephones now!