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Amplicomms: An Intro

16 December 2015

We love to communicate – it’s in our nature! From the first cave painting symbols 30,000 years ago, through to letters, telegraphs, all the way up to the modern telephone, it certainly seems like we have a lot to say to each other.

Alexander Bell’s invention undoubtedly revolutionised the way we communicate, not to mention the more recent work of Apple and other smartphone manufacturers. But if you have a hearing impairment, this audible form of communication can at times feel rather exclusive. You may be unable to hear the voice of the person you are speaking to on a standard phone, or even hear the ringing of the phone in the first place.

But don’t worry; you don’t have to resort back to cave paintings every time you fancy a chat with your mum. Amplicomms have developed a range of specialised phones with the hard of hearing in mind. 

Crying Out Loud

An example is the PowerTel 60 Plus Amplified Telephone – one of the loudest telephones in the world! Featuring an adjustable ringer of 95dB, the other line’s voice can reach a volume of up to 60dB, five times louder than a standard telephone. 

This means you shouldn’t have to worry about missing an important call or straining to hear the speaker due to hearing loss again!

New Phone on the Block

The PowerTell 710 Voice Amplified Telephone is a brand new product developed by Amplicomms and available here on Amplified Telephones. Hearing aid compatible, it has a handset amplification of up to 40dB, four to five times louder than standard phone. It also features a speakerphone, an adjustable ringer sound of 90dB and less than 1.5% distortion at full amplification.

As if this wasn’t enough, Amplicomms have also considered the visually impaired in this product. All buttons, numbers, call lists and menu commands can be vocalised, so this truly is an accessible device aiming to benefit as many people as possible.

Seal of Approval 

Amplicomms received the seal of approval from the German Gerontology Technology Association (GGT), which confirms that the products deliver with regard to functionality, ease of use, care and maintenance. After testing the products under real-life conditions with a group of users, GGT found Amplicomms fulfilled the criteria in terms of user-friendly design and handling. 

With cord, cordless and mobile phones available, as well as accessories, flashers, amplifiers and clocks, there’s plenty on offer. To see if you can benefit from the range yourself, take a look on Amplified Telephones now!