Swissvoice Xtra 1110 Amplified Corded Telephone with Photo Buttons

Swissvoice Xtra 1110 Amplified Corded Telephone with Photo Buttons

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Brand:  Swissvoice
Receiver Volume:  30dB
Ringer Volume:  85dB

Swissvoice Xtra 1110 Amplified Corded Telephone with Photo Buttons

Keeping in touch with loved ones can be a challenge for the elderly, as it can be difficult to hear conversations, operate complicated telephones and remember important numbers. The Swissvoice Xtra 1110 Amplified Corded Telephone with Photo Buttons is designed to provide maximum comfort to these users, as it's made with a loud 30dB earpiece and six helpful photo buttons to make it simple to contact loved ones at the touch of a button.

Who Can Use the Swissvoice Xtra 1110?

The most simplified phone in the Swissvoice line-up, the Xtra 1110 is designed to be accessible to virtually anyone. The classic corded design is ideal for older users looking for a more traditional phone, while the loud receiver and speed-dial photo buttons make the phone easy-to-use for those with hearing impairments or memory deficits. The large keypad is ideal for use by the visually impaired, making it simple to dial numbers without error.

Keep Loved Ones Close with Photo Buttons

The Xtra 1110 Amplified Telephone features six photo buttons that can be fitted with pictures of those closest to you. This way, you can reach them in the easiest way, without having to memorise their number. One of the photo buttons can also be set to an SOS number, allowing you to contact the authorities in the event of an emergency.

Six Photo Buttons
Six photo buttons make storing important numbers even easier

How Do I Apply Photos to the Buttons?

To insert photos into each button, simply remove the button cover and place your photo inside, then replace the cover. Full instructions and a cutting guide can be found in the user manual provided with your phone.

Easy-to-Use Keypad

Dialling is made easy thanks to the large keypad with backlit keys to aid the visually impaired, day or night. To give you the option to store additional two phone numbers, the Xtra 1110 Amplified Telephone also features two one-touch buttons that allow you to contact your top numbers.

Does This Phone Feature an Answering Machine?

No, this phone does not include an answering machine. For the next step up in the Swissvoice line that features an answering machine, we recommend the Swissvoice Xtra 3155 Amplified Phone.

Large Backlighted Incoming Call Indicator

To ensure you truly never miss a phone call, the Swissvoice Amplified Telephone is equipped with a call indicator that lights up when you receive a phone call. This is perfect for the hearing impaired who may otherwise have a difficult time hearing the phone ring. The bright red light at the top right corner is hard to miss, providing an extra failsafe in case the extra-loud 85dB ringer is not enough.

Large Backlighted Incoming Call Indicator
Never miss a phone call with the bright red call indicator.

Is the Swissvoice Xtra 1110 Hearing Aid Compatible?

Yes, the Swissvoice 1110 Amplified Telephone is hearing aid compatible. This allows you to pipe crystal clear sound directly into your hearing aid, allowing you to enjoy your conversations at a volume that's right for you.

Does This Phone Require External Power?

The Swissvoice Xtra 1110 does not need to be plugged into the mains. Simply plug the phone through your standard telephone line to use it!

Key Features

  • Amplified telephone designed to provide maximum comfort and ease-of-use
  • Ideal for the elderly, as well as the hearing and visually impaired
  • Photo buttons serve as a memory aid for those suffering from dementia
  • Ringer can be set to an extra-loud 85dB to ensure a call is never missed
  • Audio boost offers extra-loud earpiece volume of 30dB (4x louder than a standard phone)
  • Six photos buttons make it easier to call your loved ones
  • Receiver volume is adjustable with four levels and an audio-boost key
  • Large backlighted incoming call indicator
  • High-quality hands-free function with eight volume levels
  • Hearing aid compatible for crystal clear calls

Full Swissvoice Range Available

A full range of Swissvoice phones and amplified phone sets are available on our Swissvoice Range page.

User Instruction Manual

Click the PDF link below to view the user manual for the Swissvoice Xtra.

User Manual
User Manual

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