Doro Easy Mobile 4G Bar Phone with Wide Display and Assistance Button (5860)

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Brand:  Doro
Receiver Volume  35dB
Ringer Volume  83dB

Doro Easy Mobile 4G Bar Phone with Wide Display and Assistance Button (5860)

Modern mobiles can be quite complex with all their fancy features, sometimes leaving elderly users overwhelmed and confused. The Doro Easy Mobile 4G Bar Phone with Wide Display and Assistance Button (5860) helps you keep it simple so you can focus on what's important. With loud and clear sound, the Doro Easy Mobile makes the challenges of ageing, including physical dexterity, poor eyesight and hearing loss easier to navigate, helping you to stay connected with loved ones.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Mobile Phone
  • 1 x Charging Cradle
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

Key Information

  • Receiver Volume: 35dB (6x louder than a standard mobile)
  • Ringer Volume: 83dB
  • Visual Ring Indicator: Yes
  • Hearing Aid Compatible: Yes (M4/T4, M3/T3)
  • Dimensions 128 x 66 x 13mm

Why Is The Doro Easy Mobile a Great Phone?

Allowing you to hear more thanks to its loud and clear sound, the Doro Easy Mobile has several useful, practical features to help you stay connected:

  • Loud Ringer and Receiver: Loud and clear sound with adjustable volume settings so you won't miss important calls
  • Viewing Made Easy: Optional display modes for visually impaired users, and widely-spaced high-contrast keys and wide display
  • Extra Safety Features: Assistance button to alert trusted contacts that help is needed

Other benefits include:

  • Simplified communication via text and phone call
  • Adjustable font size for ease of use
  • Hearing aid compatible 
  • Elegantly simple design; less is more 
  • HD voice certified for higher-quality voice transmissions 
  • Buttons instead of a touchscreen for simplicity
  • Warning signal when phone battery is low
  • Keypad lock to prevent keys being accidentally pressed
  • Built-in alarm function with nine-minute snooze feature
  • Calculator function for added functionality
  • Inverted bright LCD display and backlit keypad
  • Practical built-in flash light for added functionality
  • Calendar function with reminder sounds to stay organised
  • Blacklist function to block unwanted callers
  • Whitelist setting only allows calls from saved contacts
  • Bluetooth enabled (version 3.0) to connect to other devices
  • Connect to your computer to transfer pictures and other files
  • FM-radio for listening to news and entertainment

How Loud is the Doro Easy Mobile Bar Phone?

For the hard of hearing, regular mobile phones often aren't loud enough to meet their needs, with a normal incoming volume of approximately 8 - 10dBs. The Doro Mobile Phone is fitted with a 35dB earpiece - 6 times louder than a regular mobile phone - making it much easier to have a conversation. The ringer volume has 7 volume settings, and can be set to a maximum of >83dB (measured at 1 metre) so you won't miss important calls. The Doro Bar Phone is hearing aid compatible.

Who Can Use the Doro Easy Mobile Phone?

Designed with seniors in mind, the Doro Mobile is designed to make communication simple. Featuring extra loud and clear sound, large keys and a high visual contrast, the Doro Easy Mobile is easier to use than regular mobile phones. With easy-to-navigate menus, the Doro Easy Mobile Bar Phone is particularly helpful for those with limited dexterity, memory loss and impaired vision. The Doro Easy Mobile also features optional display modes optimised for visually impaired users.

We recommend the Doro Mobile Phone for anyone who wants mobile phone that does the basics well, particularly those with the following conditions and symptoms:

  • The hard-of-hearing
  • Visual impairment and poor eyesight
  • Arthritis and other reduced-dexterity conditions
  • Parkinson's
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Alzheimer's and other memory-loss conditions

Is the Doro Easy Mobile Phone Easy to Use?

Most phones these days come with touchscreens which can be quite confusing for some people to use, and require a high degree of accuracy. The Doro Easy Phone comes with buttons that are large enough to suit those with limited dexterity. helping to make communication easier and to limit the likelihood of mistakes.

How Does the Doro Easy Bar Phone Assistance Button Work?

With the built-in assistance button of the Doro Easy Mobile, your loved ones will be called when you need help. To activate the assistance button, simply press and hold the button for three seconds, or press it twice within one second. You can select up to five contacts for your emergency assistance list. Your first selected contact will be dialled once the assistance call is activated, and if they don't answer after 25 seconds, the second contact will be automatically dialled. The assistance call is pre-set to handsfree mode for ease of use.

Can the Doro Easy Mobile Help in An Emergency?

Featuring ICE (In Case of Emergency), you can add information such as next of kin and medication details to your phone for first responders to access in the event of an emergency.

Are There Any Other Safety Features?

The Doro 4G Easy Phone has a 'whitelist' setting that only allows incoming calls from saved contacts. This setting is particularly useful for vulnerable persons to avoid having to deal with potentially confusing calls from unwanted numbers, such as scam calls and telemarketers. 

How Does the Doro Easy Mobile Bar Phone Help Those with Memory Loss?

The Doro Phone features >500 phonebook positions and a speed-dial function for each numeric key, making your loved ones easily accessible. As well as serving as a morning alarm clock, the built-in alarm feature can be set as a useful daily reminder to take medication or attend appointments for those who benefit from a prompt.

Are the Numbers and Keys Easy to See?

The Doro Easy Phone features large, high-contrast keys that are widely spaced out to improve accuracy when typing messages and dialing phone numbers. Large keys are much easier to operate than modern-day touchscreens, which many elderly users find confusing. The Doro Easy Phone also features an inverted, bright LCD display, making it easy to use for those with vision issues. The called ID function shows the caller's number and name in large, bold letters, if that contact is saved in the phone book.

How Long Does the Doro Mobile Battery Last?

With up to 550 hours of standby time and up to 480 minutes of talking time, the Doro Phone boasts a long battery life, allowing you to stay connected throughout the day. The Doro Mobile also features a handy low-battery warning signal, so you exactly when your Doro Mobile needs charging.

See the Doro Easy 5860 Mobile Phone for Yourself

To learn more about the Doro Easy Mobile, please watch the following short video:

Technical Specifications

  • Sound Settings:
    • Ring Volume: >83dB
    • Receiver Volume: 35dB
    • Hearing Aid Compatible: M4/T4, M3/T3
    • Volume Settings: 9
    • Speaker Volume Settings: 9
    • Polyphonic Ring Tones: 21
    • Vibrating Ringer: Yes
    • HD Voice Certified: Yes
  • Display:
    • Screen Resolution: 320 x 240
    • Screen Size: 6.1cm (2.4 ")
  • Connections:
    • Headset Outlet: 3.5mm
  • Dimensions:
    • Weight: approx 112g
    • Size: 128 x 66 x 13mm
  • Battery:
    • Battery Talk Time: 7 Hours
    • Battery Standby Time: 380 Hours
    • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • General:
    • Operating System: Mocor
    • Phone Style: Bar
    • Chipset: UNisoc UMS9117
  • Camera:
    • Rear Camera: Single
    • Rear Camera Resolution: 2 MP
  • Memory:
    • Memory Card Supported: MicroSD
    • Maximum Memory Card Size: 16GB
    • Memory Card Slot: Yes
  • Network:
    • Contract Type: SIM-free
    • Cellular Data Connectivity Technology: GPRS
    • Number of SIM Card Supported: 1
    • Bluetooth: 5.0
    • SIM Size Supported: Micro (3FF)
    • Cellular Generation: 2G, 3G, 4G
    • Cellular Network Supported: GSM 900, 1800 and 1950

User Instructions

Click here to view the user instruction manual.

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