Geemarc AmpliDECT 595 Amplified Cordless Phone with Four Extra Handsets

Geemarc AmpliDECT 595 Amplified Cordless Phone with Four Extra Handsets

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In stock now

Brand:  Geemarc
Style:  Cordless
Receiver Volume:  50dB
Ringer Volume:  80dB
Product Type:  Amplified Telephone

Geemarc AmpliDECT 595 Amplified Cordless Phone with Four Extra Handsets

If you often find yourself missing a call, either because you don't hear the phone ring soon enough, or simply because it takes too long to get to it in time, this money-saving package might be just what you need. The Geemarc AmpliDECT 595 Amplified Cordless Phone with Four Extra Handsets includes a total of four cordless handsets that you can set up in different areas of your home, making sure an extra loud phone is always at hand's reach.

Key Information

  • Receiver Volume: Up to 50dB
  • Ringing Volume: Up to 80dB
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Answering machine
  • Power cord
  • SOS button
  • Caller ID

What's Included with This Package?

This package was put together to help you make any home friendly to the elderly and the hard of hearing. It includes a total of five handsets that you can keep around the home, ensuring a phone is always at hand's reach:

Click on their names to learn more about the individual products.

How Loud Is This Telephone System?

All five handsets feature a maximum receiving volume of 50dB (16x louder than a standard phone), three-level tone control and hearing aid compatibility. The volume of the ringer is fully adjustable (five levels plus the mute setting); the phone offers five polyphonic and five normal extra loud ringtones on the handset, as well as five normal extra loud ringtones on the base, ensuring the phone can be heard.

Is This Phone Suitable to Use by the Elderly?

The AmpliDECT 595 Amplified Telephone is designed to be easy to use even for those who might find using a traditional cordless phone overwhelming. If the handset is on the base station, all you need to do to answer a call is to pick up the handset.

If the handset is not on the charging cradle, however, you need to press either the green button or the speaker button to answer a call. Pressing the button twice activates the speakerphone.

Does the Phone Feature Voice Assist?

Yes, the voice assist function will clearly read out information to the user, making it ideal for the visually impaired. The voice assist features:

  • The ability to save a voice recording of the names of up to four contacts, which will be read out when they call
  • A talking keypad that will read out the number on each button when pressed to assist with dialling
  • Four language options (English, French, German and Dutch)

Can I Connect Any More Handsets?

No, the Geemarc AmpliDECT 595 accepts a maximum of four additional handsets. This maxi package includes a base with all four extra handsets.

How Do I Set It Up?

The process of setting up this Cordless Amplified Telephone is very straightforward. All you need to do is:

  • Plug the adaptor into a wall socket, and the line cord into a telephone jack or a DSL filter (not included).
  • On the handset, insert the battery pack (included) in the battery compartment and replace the cover.
  • Charge the handset by placing it face forward in the base. Charge the batteries for at least 12 hours when charging for the first time.
  • Directions for pairing additional handsets can be found in the user manual below.

You can learn more about how to set up the cordless telephone by viewing the user manual linked below:

User Manual
Download the User Manual

How Does the SOS Button Work?

There is an SOS button located on the right-hand side of every AmpliDECT 595 handset. Once pressed, this will send a pre-recorded emergency message to four pre-selected contacts, alerting them to ascertain the safety of the user. If you do not wish to use the SOS button function, simply refrain from entering the emergency contacts, and the button will remain non-functional.

Does the Answering Machine Provide the Date and Time of Messages?

Yes, the answering machine included with this product does state the date and time that each message was left.

Does the AmpliDECT 595 Include an Intercom Feature?

Yes, this phone includes an intercom feature allowing you to make internal calls between connected phones on the system. This feature allows you to make internal calls, transfer external calls and make conference calls.

Features and Benefits

  • Fitted with a big button keypad with back light
  • Nine one-touch buttons allow users to dial a number with only one button
  • Includes hearing aid compatibility for people with hearing impairments
  • Allows adjustment of receiving volume and a three-level tone control
  • Contains extra loud ringtones and adjustable ring volume
  • Answering machine provides 30 minutes of recording time
  • Phone book can store up to 50 names and numbers
  • Handset includes hotkey to phone book for easy dialling
  • SOS button can save up to four emergency numbers
  • Four language settings for talking dialling function and emergency voice message
  • Able to block up to 20 unwanted numbers and unidentified numbers
  • Caller ID on incoming calls and when dialling out
  • Up to 20 alarms can be programmed into the phone, ideal for medication reminders
  • Near-zero distortion with no noticeable interference at maximum volume
  • Seven language settings on handset display
  • Base features the unique Geemarc template for adding names, photo symbols, and numbers to the dial pad
  • Supplied with speaker phone on both base and handsets

Technical Specifications

  • Phone book memory: 50 names and numbers
  • Answer machine memory: 30 minutes
  • Power supply by DC adaptor (supplied)
  • Handset requires 3 x AAA batteries ni-Mh 1.2V 600mA (included)
  • Base telephone standby time: 4 days
  • Extra handset standby time: 2 days
  • Base telephone talk time: 10 hours
  • Extra handset talk time: 8 hours
  • GAP compliant
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) :
    • Handset: 55 x 25 x 185mm
    • Base: 105 x 91 x 136mm
    • Extra handset: 187 x 55 x 25mm
    • Cradle: 77 x 77 x 69mm
  • Range:
    • Indoor: up to 50m
    • Open field: up to 300m

Applying for VAT Relief

This product is elligible for VAT relief. This means that if you are buying the item and have a chronic condition or illness (such as being hard of hearing, partially deaf or deaf), you can automatically deduct the VAT from the product at checkout.

Please visit our VAT Exemption Page to find out more about eligibility for VAT exemption, as certain rules apply to elligibility as determined by HMRC.

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