Bellman Visit Contact Pressure Mat for the Hard of Hearing


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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

Brand:  Bellman & Symfon
Product Type:  Sensor Mat
Suitable For:  Hard of hearing

Bellman Visit Contact Pressure Mat for the Hard of Hearing

If you have a Bellman home system or are looking to get started with one, then the Bellman Visit Contact Pressure Mat for the Hard of Hearing is an exceptional accessory to alert you of a loved one with dementia wandering or a young child waking and leaving bed. Both sensitive and durable, this mat signals your Bellman Receiver to alert you when activated.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pressure Sensor Mat (200cm cable attached)

Key Information

  • Connector: 3.5mm jack plug
  • Detection: Pressure

What Is This Product?

This contact mat is a sensor that will send a signal to your Bellman Receiver when it feels pressure upon it. Place it at your front door, next to a child's bed or where a dementia sufferer may go wandering and it will help to keep you aware of what is happening in your home.

Who Can Benefit from Using the Bellman Visit Pressure Sensor Mat?

Designed to be part of your Bellman home system, this mat is a helpful accessory for deaf and hard of hearing people who want to be alerted to the movements around their house. This pressure mat can also play a vital role in helping you care for a loved one with dementia or keep tabs on a child who may have left their bed.

Sensitive Detection

Built to detect even light movement so that you can be aware of what is going on around your home, the standard operating pressure of this mat is a 5kg weight over a 50mm diameter disc. You can therefore be sure that wherever you have placed the mat, it will recognise the footstep of a dementia wanderer or toddler without a problem.

How Does the Contact Mat Work?

This discreet mat simply sits under a rug or your standard doormat and connects to your Bellman Telephone Transmitter or Baby Cry Monitor. If someone steps on the mat, it will alert the transmitter which in turn sends a radio signal to your receiver that will notify you accordingly.

Pressure Contact Mat Bellman Under Rug
The Contact Mat is placed under a child's rug to alert the mother if the child leaves bed.

Fits in With Your Home

The Bellman Visit Pressure Sensor Mat should be covered by carpet, a doormat or a rug to avoid the risk of it becoming a slip hazard. Not only will the covering give the mat another layer of protection from wear and tear but also it means that mat will discreetly blend with your home decor for a subtle look.

Subtle Placement of the Bellman Contact Visit Pressure Sensor Mat Means It Cannot Be Seen In This Photo
The Pressure Sensor Mat can be subtly placed under a doormat

How Durable is the Bellman Contact Mat?

This mat is designed to withstand the general wear and tear of frequently being stood upon. It can also withstand being left outside or close to a door as it will function from -15°C to 65°C. This means you can trust the mat will be functioning properly when left on the floor and won't suddenly fail to notify you when stepped on.

Maintenance of the Pressure Mat

This mat has been tested to ensure that it provides a high level of dust protection, achieving an IP65 rating meaning it is completely sealed from dust. This strong and reliable build means that the mat won't require any maintenance, as long as it is plugged in and stored safely beneath a rug, carpet or doormat.

Key Features of the Bellman Visit Contact Pressure Mat for the Hard of Hearing

  • Large but inconspicuous design that subtly blends with your room when placed under a doormat, rug or carpet
  • Allows deaf and hard of hearing people to monitor whether someone is at the door or be alerted by wandering
  • Connects to Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter or Baby Monitor and alerts your Receiver when activated
  • Powered through your transmitter so there is no need to change any batteries or actively maintain the mat
  • 2m long cable means the mat can be placed at a reasonable distance from your transmitter without problem
  • Sends a radio signal to your receiver which will then notify you through light, sound and vibrating signals
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 540 x 4.6 x 395mm (21 x 0.2 x 16")
  • Weight: 300g (approx. 0.66lbs)
  • Cable length: 2.0m

Technical Specifications

  • Connector: 3.5mm mono jack plug
  • Contact breaker: point switch contact breaker.
  • Distance between contact breakers: 9cm.
  • Without load: open. With load: closed.
  • Contact Resistance: <100Ω (depending on pressure)
  • Activation Load: contact made over 5mm with a point load of 5kg
  • Colour: black

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