Geemarc CL610 Amplified Emergency Telephone with SOS Remote Control
Geemarc CL610 Amplified Emergency Telephone with SOS Remote ControlGeemarc CL610 Amplified Emergency Telephone with SOS Remote ControlGeemarc CL610 Amplified Emergency Telephone with SOS Remote ControlGeemarc CL610 Amplified Emergency Telephone with SOS Remote Control

Geemarc CL610 Amplified Emergency Telephone with SOS Remote Control

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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon  

Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

Brand:  Geemarc

Geemarc CL610 Big Button Amplified Telephone with SOS Bracelet

Amplified telephones are ideal for the hard of hearing, but many of them neglect people with poor vision and compromised motor skills. However, the Geemarc CL610 Amplified Emergency Telephone with SOS Remote Control utilises large buttons with customisable or standard images on the keyboard for audio, visual and physical ease of use. Coming with an emergency SOS bracelet which works by wirelessly connecting to the phone for speed dialling in the event of a fall or accident for safety wherever the user is.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Corded Amplified Telephone
  • 1 x AC Adaptor
  • 1 x Waterproof Remote Control
  • 1 x Battery (For Remote)
  • 1 x Line Cord
  • 1 x Spiral Cord
  • 1 x SOS Bracelet
  • 4 x AA Batteries (For Phone)

Key Features

This telephone includes a variety of physical features to benefit a wide range of people:

  • Loud, adjustable volume and tone assists the heard of hearing
  • Hearing aid compatibility allows very deaf people to enjoy phone calls again
  • Speaker phone option allows people to talk on the phone even if they are not close in proximity to it
  • Helps people with poor vision through extra large buttons, a large display screen and a big display back light
  • Large buttons and general design helps people with poor motor skills communicate on the phone
  • Simple, intuitive design is ideal for technophobes for safety and enjoyment using a phone
  • Easy recordability for the user's safeguarding and convenience, ideal for Alzheimer's patients 
  • SOS Remote Control enhances safety for the user, and is remote and waterproof for use anywhere

Where Can This Telephone Be Used?

This telephone is ideal for use in environments where people need a more intuitive telephone with SOS safeguarding features. We would therefore recommend using it in care environments, residential spaces, hospitals and medical facilities and personal homes.

Who Could Benefit from Using this Telephone?

This phone is designed for people who struggle to use conventional telephones. This might be for a number of reasons:

SOS Remote Control Bracelet

Difficulty using a telephone not only leads to loneliness and isolation - it can be dangerous, particularly when users are older or have health issues that put them at risk every day. This telephone features a waterproof SOS remote for use in the shower or just about anywhere around the house, with around a 20 metre range between the phone and SOS bracelet for safety wherever patients need it. This remote control also allows programming of up to 30 emergency numbers, and its' remote design allows a hands-free line pick up and hang up for the safest and quickest emergency call time possible. 

You can buy the Geemarc CL610 Remote SOS Fall Alarm separately here.

How Do Amplified Telephones Assist with Hearing Loss?

This telephone, and amplified telephones more generally, are particularly useful for the hard of hearing. This phone assists people with hearing issues through a few different features:

  • This phone is amplified, meaning it can be turned up to a louder volume than most phones (40dB)
  • Adjustable receiving tone and control allows users to hear properly without damaging their ears
  • This phone is also compatible with hearing aids, for clearer and easier to understand phone calls!
  • Speaker phone key ensures users can stay on the phone even if they are not in close proximity to it

How Does This Telephone Help People with Poor Vision?

Using a phone can be difficult for people with poor vision. However, this telephone has various benefits making it perfect for use by people who are hard of seeing or just have weaker eyesight:

  • Featuring extra large buttons, this phone allows people who struggle to see as clearly with dialling the right number
  • Large display screen in an 80"36mm design with 3 lines display, for clear and easy screen reading
  • Big display back light enhances visibility, particularly in the dark during the night which is ideal for emergencies
  • Customisable or generic button images for easy recognisability of buttons and their uses. 

How Do I Customise These Phone Buttons?

If you would like to customise your phone buttons for instant dialling, you can upload your images using this handy photo template.

How Do Large Button Telephones Help People with Motor Issues?

If you have compromised fine motor skills, operating a phone or any fiddly device can be frustrating. However, this phone has a number of key features for complete ease of use by everyone:

  • Extra large keyboard assists people with tremors and similar dexterity issues
  • Intuitive interface allows people to press less buttons for immediate use
  • Corded design ensures the phone does not get knocked over in case of tremors

Why are Amplified Telephones Helpful for Technophobes?

Learning to use a phone can be a daunting challenge for many, especially if they have never used or owned one before. Keep reading to find out how this telephone can help you if you find technology tricky to use:

  • Minimalist telephone interface leaves very little room for confusion, for intuitive use
  • Talking caller ID allows for permanent memory of the last 64 calls with the time and day of call
  • Redial option allows for quick dialling of the last five callers for immediate and quick contact

Can I Connect This Phone to My Internet Modem?

Yes, if you subscribe to a digital phone line from your landline provider, this phone can be connected by plugging the telephone cord directly into your internet modem.

Multilingual Design

This telephone is as intuitive as possible, and the screen can be adjusted to display 6 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. It also indicates communication time for easy phone conversation recollection.

Talking Caller ID

If you're buying this phone for a vulnerable person, perhaps someone with Dementia, Alzheimer's, or a similar psychological health concern, it can be helpful to record phone conversations and contacts. This phone features full recordability of names and voice numbers, for patient safeguarding. In addition, this phone has a permanent memory of the last 64 calls received, in addition to the time and day of the call for transparency.

Technical Specifications

This telephone is desktop and wall mountable (which is included in this set), and is operated with a battery or mains adapter which are also included in this set. The dimensions are: 19.5 x 18 x 7cm.

Additional Documents

For more information on this telephone, check out the below documents:

Applying for VAT Relief

This product is elligible for VAT relief. This means that if you are buying the item and have a chronic condition or illness (such as being hard of hearing, partially deaf or deaf), you can automatically deduct the VAT from the product at checkout.

Please visit our VAT Exemption Page to find out more about eligibility for VAT exemption, as certain rules apply to elligibility as determined by HMRC.

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A great product giving loads of reassurance
07 February 2024  | 

Ordered for frail mother. Order process easy. Arrived promptly. Set-up pretty straightforward for someone tech savvy, might be difficult if you are not. Emergency call function worked first time and easy for my mother to instigate, but was harder to cancel it. She certainly could not have set it up. For missed calls there is a flashing red light that bothered her immensly, so we covered the light with cardboard. It would be better if we could disable that function. Overall, inexpensive and great reassurance for all. A good product

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Hi Julian,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. It's great to hear that your mum's overall experience with the phone has been good, but we're sorry to hear the flashing caused some distress.

Attached to this listing is a user manual, and on page 18, there are instructions on how to disable the flash. I hope this is helpful!

All the best,

Amelia at Amplified Telephones

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