Bellman Visit Push Button Transmitter and Emergency Call Button for the Hard of Hearing
 Bellman Visit Push Button Transmitter and Emergency Call Button for the Hard of HearingBellman Visit Push Button Transmitter and Emergency Call Button for the Hard of Hearing 

Bellman Visit Push Button Transmitter and Emergency Call Button for the Hard of Hearing

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In stock now

Brand:  Bellman & Symfon
Product Type:  Doorbell Transmitter
Suitable For:  Hard of hearing

Bellman Visit Push Button Transmitter and Emergency Call Button for the Hard of Hearing

Simply press the button on this Bellman Transmitter and you can quickly send a signal to your Bellman Receiver. Whether you need it as a doorbell or an emergency call button, the Bellman Push-Button Transmitter and Emergency Call Button for the Hard of Hearing helps you keep connected to your loved ones.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Push-Button Transmitter
  • 6 x PX28A 6V Alkaline Batteries
  • 1 x Lanyard with Safety Clasp
  • Screws and Plugs
  • Double Sided Adhesive Tape
  • User Manual

Thanks to the considerable number of parts included in the packaging of this device, it is simple to install and ready to use out of the box so that you can immediately feel that your loved ones are safer.

Key Information

  • Coverage: Up to 200m
  • Radio Frequency: 868.3MHz
  • Operating Time: Approx. 2 years
  • Detection: Push-button

What Is This Product?

Install this transmitter by your door or carry it with you to send a signal to your Bellman receiver when the button is pressed. To use, simply press the large button on the device that will alert your loved one or carer that you are in need of attention.

Bellman Flash Receiver Being Signalled by the Bellman Push-Button Transmitter
Push-Button Transmitter clearly siganlling the Visit Flash Receiver

Who Can Benefit from Using the Bellman Visit Push-Button Transmitter?

To be used alongside a Bellman Receiver, this push-button transmitter can help to keep seniors who are at risk of falling or injuring themselves connected to the rest of the family. It can also be used to help you keep tabs on the comings and goings in your home and help you know when someone is at the door if you are hard of hearing.

Suitable for Use as a Doorbell

By simply mounting the push-button transmitter outside your home it can be used as a doorbell connected to your Bellman Receiver. The push button will then use a secure radio connection to send a signal to your receiver that will indicate with a loud noise and a bright light that someone has arrived at your house.

Bellman Elderly Call Button Push-Button Transmitter In Use as a Doorbell

Use As a Call Button or Panic Alarm

As the Bellman Call Button Transmitter comes with a lanyard with detachable safety clasp, it can be worn around the neck of your loved one or individual that you care for who can press the button if something happens that requires your attention. If the button is pressed a signal will immediately be forwarded to your receiver that will use flashes and sound to alert you.

Elderly Woman Peacefully Relaxing with Bellman Care Button Push-Button Transmitter

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The transmitter is designed to be worn for long periods every day and can withstand general wear and tear of constant use. What's more, this device has an approximate operation time of 2 years thanks to its exceptional battery life. This means you don't need to worry about the transmitter running out when your loved one needs it the most.

How Easy Is the Push-Button Transmitter to Maintain?

The Bellman Visit Push-Button Transmitter is designed to be maintenance free, with a huge battery life of 2 years it should not require any upkeep. If the device does become dirty or dusty and needs to be cleaned, simply wipe it down with a dry cloth (do not use household cleaning products) for quick and easy maintenance.

Key Features of the Bellman Visit Elderly Call Button Push-Button Transmitter

  • Simple to use, intuitive design featuring one button to be pressed in need of emergency or as a doorbell
  • Keep tabs on your loved one or someone you're caring for so that you can hear them when they need you
  • Option to be used as doorbell so your receiver can loudly and clearly alert you when someone is at the door
  • Secure radio signals communicate with any Bellman Receiver up to 250m away depending on your home
  • Supplied ready to use out the box with all the necessary components included for quick and easy installation
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 66 x 48 x 23mm (2.6 x 1.9 x 0.9")
  • Weight: 50g (0.11lbs) including batteries

Technical Specifications

  • Battery power: 6V PX28A alkaline or 6V PX28L lithium
  • Operating time: approx. 2 years
  • Active power consumption: 35mA
  • Idle power consumption: <0.05μA
  • Radio frequency: 868.3MHz
  • Number of radio keys: 64 standard expandable to 256
  • Coverage: 200m (with clear line of sight)
  • Colour: White with Grey Push Button

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