Bellman Visit Pager Receiver for the Hard of Hearing

Bellman Visit Pager Receiver for the Hard of Hearing

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Available, dispatched in 1-3 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-3 days

Brand:  Bellman & Symfon
Product Type:  Ring Indicator

Bellman Visit Pager Receiver

The Bellman Visit range offers portable receivers, but what if you're after something really compact? Whilst Bellman's Portable Receivers can be carried about with you, they are not designed to be attached to your person. This is not ideal if you wish to have a really light-weight, mobile device that can easily travel around your home with you. 

The Bellman Visit Pager Receiver differs from other receivers in the Bellman Visit System as it can actually be attached to you using the supplied belt clip or safety cord. This makes it perfect for users who are active in their house, moving from room to room, who want to always stay aware of any signals their transmitters pick up.

How Does the Bellman Pager Receiver Work?

Accessible and convenient, this handy pager ensures you'll never miss an alert, whether this is the ringing of your telephone, or something more urgent like the sounding of the fire alarm. 

The Pager Receiver can operate on both standard and rechargeable batteries, allowing for its portability without the restriction of wires. It is activated by radio signals from existing transmitters in your Bellman Visit System, alerting you when the transmitter picks something up via discreet vibration and light signals.

The settings can be customised to distinguish between individual triggers. So, if you have several transmitters for different sources of sound, your receiver can process this and ensure that the reason for the indication is evident.

Features and Benefits of the Bellman Pager Receiver

  • Discreet vibration for a non-intrusive alarm
  • Coloured lights and vibration patterns for clear identification
  • Optional charger can run on both standard and rechargeable batteries
  • Lightweight and portable - includes belt clip and safety cord for convenient and easy access
  • Customisable signals can vibrate differently according to different triggers
  • Adjustable radio key allowing reliable use even in close proximity to other Bellman Visit Systems
  • Wireless transmission with operating range of 200m - non-restrictive
  • Can connect to a Bellman Bed Shaker to alert you when sleeping

Technical Specification

  • Mains power: via Bellman Visit charger, BE1260
  • Battery power: 1 x 1.5V AAA alkaline or 1.2V AAA NiMh rechargeable battery
  • Operating time: 2 - 3 weeks (alkaline), approx. 1 week on one charge (NiMh)
  • Active power consumption: 220mA
  • Idle power consumption: 1mA
  • Radio frequency: 868.3MHz
  • Number of radio keys: 64 standard expandable to 256
  • Coverage: 200m (with clear line of sight)
  • Radio activation: Bellman Visit 868 system
  • Analogue telephone activation: 26 - 120V RMS, 15 - 100Hz
  • Vibrator power: built-in
  • Dimensions W x H x D: 57 x 86 x 29mm
  • Weight: 70g (with battery), 55g (without battery)
  • Colour: grey with red function button

Additional Information

The Bellman Visit Pager Receiver is for indoor use only and works alongside Bellman transmitters, which can be purchased separately.

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