Sarabec LA240 Home Loop System

Sarabec LA240 Home Loop System

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Brand:  Sarabec
Product Type  Magnetic Loop

Sarabec LA240 Home Loop System

Ideal for making the TV or audio equipment in your home easier to hear for the hard of hearing, the Sarabec LA240 Loop System provides a practical solution for hearing aid users to listen more easily to their TV or Audio equipment via the “T” or “Loop” program of their hearing aid.

It's incredibly important that those with hearing difficulties can continue to enjoy the things they used to, and the Sarabec LA240 enables them to do just that my making the TV or radio instantly more audible without raising the volume and annoying the neighbours!

With no direct connection between the user and a TV or Audio equipment, the Sarabec LA240 allows the user to move freely within the looped area and listen comfortably to a TV or audio equipment without the distractions of normal listening. 

What's Included? 

  • 1 x Sarabec LA240 Loop System
  • 1 x Loop Cable OR Loop Pad
  • 1 x Microphone with 1.2 metre range

How Does the Sarabec LA240 Loop System Work?

The Sarabec LA240 Loop System picks up the sound from a TV via a direct connection or microphone and feeds it to the amplifier. The sound is then passed to a loop of wire around the listening area, which in turn transmits the sound inductively through magnetic sound waves to a hearing aid with the loop facility. The user may then adjust the loop volume or tone to suit their own hearing preference without affecting others. 

Should I Choose a Loop Cable or Loop Pad?

The LA240 is available with either a Loop Cable or Loop Pad, which can be selected using the drop-down menu at the top of the page. The difference is as follows:

  •  Loop Cable: Placed around a room that you want to listen in. The sound can be heard anywhere inside the “looped” area and sometimes just outside the loop as well.
  • Loop Pad: Alternative to the loop cable, used to create a localised or portable system to avoid interference with other systems or where confidentiality is required.

Modern, High Quality Sound

Because it utilises optical and coaxial audio input, the Sarabec LA240 can provide exceptionally high quality sound from most modern TVs or audio systems. This is because the optical input is digital – there's no degradation of sound quality though the wire like you'd find in older analogue inputs.

Is The LA240 Suitable for Use with a Portable PA System?

Yes, the LA240 can be plugged into a portable PA system. It is ideal for transmitting a loop signal to multiple users in a room, ideally no larger than 8 x 8m.

More Features of the Sarabec LA240 Loop System

The Sarabec LA240 Loop System hosts a range of great features to let you get the most out of your device:

  • Memory of control settings allowing remote power switching
  • Digital Rotary Volume and Tone controls with LED indication
  • Source selection of all inputs from front panel
  • 40m Loop cable coverage up to 70m²
  • Loop Level Indicator
  • Priority Function Control
  • Automatic Gain Control

Specifications of the Sarabec LA240 Loop System

Power Supply:

  • 18V 1.5A Power Supply 
  • 12 - 24V DC 2A External Supply


  • Rotary Volume Control
  • Rotary Tone control
  • On/Off power switch
  • Source selector switches
  • Priority switch

Input connections:

  • Digital Audio TOSlink/Coaxial
  • 2 x Microphone inputs. 3.5mm mono jack plug. DC powered 5V for electret microphones
  • 2x Aux In Left/Right line inputs. Phono/RCA sockets. For direct connection to a TV sound output or other audio source via SCART or other suitable socket

Output connections:

  • Push grip connectors for loop cable or loop pad (Labelled: Loop Cable). Loop will give full output with loop resistance between 0.5 and 1.5 Ohms
  • 3.5mm stereo jack for headphones (Phones) 8-60 Ohms

Loop output:

3.0A output current @ 100-5KHz. Meets BS EN60118-4:2006 for a loop not exceeding 6.5m (20ft) in width. Suitable for areas up to 70m².

Loop Cable:

Single turn loop cable. System supplied with 40m (130ft) 24/0.2mm (0.75mm2) single core PVC insulated cable. Minimum cable length 11m = 0.5 Ohms.


Red & Blue LEDs.

Applying for VAT Relief

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LA 240
12 July 2020  | 

I've had a sarabec loop system for many years and provided it is connected to a suitable tv is very good. I bought the new one because it had an optic out that will work off my Panasonic tv. The only tv that allows sound from the tv and loop or headphone at the same time . Why only 3 stars. The gaudy silver colour when all my equipment is black and the horrid blue lights. Iíve had to put the LA 240 out of sight and thatís a pity because previous loop systems have been in black. The LA 240 is an improvement on previous versions and if you donít mind the colour and lights itís a very good system and I recommend it. Check your tv first. As the microphone picks up all unwanted sounds

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