Echo PowerWake V2 Vibrating Alarm Clock

Echo PowerWake V2 Vibrating Alarm Clock

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In stock now

Brand:  Hearing International

Echo PowerWake V2 Vibrating Alarm Clock

Do you worry that you might miss your alarm and oversleep? The Echo PowerWake V2 Vibrating Alarm Clock features a powerful bed-shaker along with an extra-loud alarm to wake you from even the deepest of sleeps. Ideal for the deaf and hard of hearing, the Echo Vibrating Alarm Clock features five melodies, three vibration intensity settings and a battery back up so you can rest assured your alarm clock will do its job!

What's Included?

  • 1 x Digital Alarm Clock
  • 1 x Vibrating Pad (Bed Shaker)
  • 1 x USB Cable (2 Metres)
  • 1 x Battery (CR2032)
  • 1 x Instructional Manual

Key Features and Benefits

  • Alarm clock with a vibrating pad ideal for the hard-of-hearing
  • Modern, sleek design with silver underlay
  • Large 7" LED display with three colour settings (ice white, green and orange)
  • Flashing lights to visually alert you that it's time to wake up
  • Adjustable dimmer
  • Extremely powerful vibration with three intensity settings
  • Bed shaker can can be put under your pillow or mattress 
  • Extra loud alarm alarm sound of up to 95dB
  • Choose from 15 different volume levels
  • Features five melodies with adjustable tone pattern
  • Volume of alarm slowly increases to give you a more pleasant wake-up experience
  • Dual alarm capability allows you to set two separate alarms
  • Alarm can be set for seven, five or two days for your convenience
  • Time can be displayed in either 12 or 24 hour format
  • Snooze facility can be set from five to 60 minutes to suit your waking pattern
  • Back-up battery means your settings won't be lost if unplugged
  • Includes an extra USB port in the back of the clock where you can charge your mobile phone

A Morning Alarm You Can Rely On

Featuring a powerful bed-shaker, an impressively-loud alarm and flashing lights, you can rely on the Echo PowerWake Alarm Clock to wake you up in the morning. The alarm sound will slowly increase to your preferred volume, helping you to avoid being startled and providing you with a much more pleasant waking-up experience than many similar clocks.  

How Loud is the Echo PowerWake Alarm Clock?

The PowerWake Vibrating Alarm features an incredible 15 different volume levels, with the highest setting reaching 95dB, making this alarm ideal for the hard-of-hearing and the deepest of sleepers. We recommend starting with a lower setting in order to avoid hearing damage.

How Does the Bed Shaker Work?

Simply place the bed shaker under your pillow or mattress, and choose from three settings: high, medium or low. The vibration setting can also be switched off if you would prefer to use the alarm sound alone.

Can I Snooze?

Of course! You can temporarily silence your alarm by pressing the SNOOZE button. The alarm indicator will flash to indicate that the clock is in snooze mode. The default snooze mode is five minutes, but you can set it to last between five and 60 minutes.

Can I Set More Than One Alarm?

Yes, the Echo PowerWake Alarm Clock features a dual alarm system that allows you to set two separate alarms. You can set either alarm for a whole week, five days (Monday to Friday, for example), or two days. This allows you to set one alarm for use during the week, and a separate one for weekends.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply: DC USB min 2A Positive Centre
  • Back-Up Battery: CR2032
  • USB Output for Vibrating Pad: 5V 1A
  • USB Output for Mobile Devices: 5V 1A
  • Snooze Time: 5-60 Minutes
  • Alarm Loudness: 95dB
  • LED Display Colours: Ice White / Orange / Green
  • Dimmer: Yes
  • Clock Dimensions: 20.5 x 11 x 4cm
  • Bed Shaker Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 4cm
  • Power Cable Length: 2m
  • Bed Shaker Cable Length: 1.7m
  • Weight: 530g

Applying for VAT Relief

This product is elligible for VAT relief. This means that if you are buying the item and have a chronic condition or illness (such as being hard of hearing, partially deaf or deaf), you can automatically deduct the VAT from the product at checkout.

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