Doro HearingBuds Wireless Amplified Earphones for Hard of Hearing


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Brand:  Doro
Product Type  Earphones

Doro HearingBuds Wireless Amplified Earphones for Hard of Hearing

With the ability to amplify sounds, the Doro HearingBuds Wireless Amplified Earphones for Hard of Hearing allows those with mild to moderate hearing loss to experience crisper clearer sounds. Great for watching TV, when having one-to-one conversations, or simply for going on walks and listening to nature, the Doro HearingBuds help make everyday activities more enjoyable for those with hearing loss.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Ear Buds
  • 1 x Charging Case

Key Features and Benefits

  • Amplified earphones for users with mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Designed with expert hearing enhancement technology to reduce unwanted noise
  • Enhances sound without blocking out your surroundings
  • Makes calls and listening to music clearer and more comfortable
  • Advanced algorithms and a large speaker in a compact, stylish design
  • Ideal for helping to follow conversations in noisy environments
  • Allows you to utilise a personalised sound setting when watching TV
  • Eliminates echo effect that many other ear buds can cause
  • The HearingBuds App offers ways to customise your experience
  • Up to 11 hours of battery life, perfect for use on the go
  • Easy to connect, set up and charge
  • Includes a simple audio check for customisation of sound
  • Hearing profiles for different environments eg. in restaurants
  • Can be worn in either ear
  • Work with both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
  • Works with Bluetooth devices
  • Includes a 24-month warranty for peace of mind

Who Can Wear the Doro HearingBuds?

No more struggling to hear what the person across from you is saying – simply pop in the Doro HearingBuds and let them work their magic. Whilst the Doro HearingBuds are not a medical device, they are able to amplify sound up to to 15dB in a variety of different situations. The Doro HearingBuds are perfect for anyone who struggles to hear in environments where there is a lot of background noise, for example, in busy streets and restaurants. 

Please Note: The Doro HearingBuds are designed to help users who experience mild to moderate hearing loss only.

How Do the Doro HearingBuds Enhance Your Hearing?

The Doro HearingBud's unique technology amplifies sound up to 15dB, which to the ear is perceived as at least double the volume, and can be customised according to your specific hearing ability. The Doro HearingBuds feature a range of Hearing Profiles suited to different environments.

What Are the Doro HearingBuds Hearing Profiles?

The Doro HearingBuds allow you to select different hearing profiles depending on your hearing needs in different environments. The settings include:

  • Speech: To help you to hear speech better in a noisy environment
  • Natural: To help you hear sounds around you more clearly
  • Media: To optimise sound from your TV, radio, cinema or similar environments

You can adjust the focus from a wider focus (ambient room sounds) to a more narrow focus (someone speaking right in front of you), as pictured below:

doro HearingBuds app

When Can I Wear these Earbuds?

We recommend that you wear your Doro HearingBuds every day to begin with, taking regular breaks, to allow your brain and ears to adjust to the new sound. The human ear is very complex and your own voice may sound strange at first. We recommend wearing the Doro HearingBuds in different environments, making sure that you take the interactive audio test to personalise and optimise the sound to your requirements.

How Do I Use the Doro Earbuds for Hard of Hearing?

Simply insert the silicone tip into the ear canal and position the flat part on the outer ear, as pictured below:

inserting the doro hearingbuds

Operating the Doro HearingBuds is easy. If you want to answer or end a call, or play or pause media, simply tap one of the earbuds twice:

how to tap the doro hearingbuds

Are the Doro HearingBuds Noise Cancelling?

Noise cancelling technology can cause discomfort in the ear, which is why the Doro HearingBuds don't completely block out your surroundings. Allowing you to stay alert and aware when you need to, the Doro HearingBuds give a natural sound that enhances your aural experience, bringing clarity and comfort.

How Comfortable Are The Doro Amplifying Earbuds?

Designed with your comfort as a priority, the Doro Hearing Buds feature an advanced signal processing that eliminates sources of discomfort including the 'occulsion 'effect' – hollow or echo-like booming sounds generated from your own voice that results from completely blocking out sound.

The Doro HearingBuds come with three different sizes of silicone tips so you can select the most comfortable one for you. The black tip is the largest, the green is medium and the white is the smallest size, as illustrated below:

doro hearingbuds ear bud tips

Can Be Worn In Either Ear

The Doro HearingBuds have an automatic left/right ear detection, so they can be worn in either ear. This conveniently eliminates the need to keep track of left and right, and you don't have to worry about inserting an earbud into the wrong ear. 

How Do I Charge the Doro HearingBuds?

The Doro EarBuds are easy to charge. When the Doro HearingBuds are in their case, they will charge automatically. A fully-charged case can charge the HearingBuds full two times before it needs to be recharged. To charge the case, insert a USB-C cable and connect to a power source. The light on the front of the case will blink slowly while it charges. It will take about three hours to fully charge the case of the Doro HearingBuds. The light on the caese indicates how much the product is charged:

  • A steady green light indicates it is fully charged
  • An orange light indicates 20 - 80% battery capacity
  • A red light indicates battery capacity is 5 - 10%
  • A red flashing light indicates battery is at 0-5%

A red light on one or both earbuds indicates that your Doro HearingBuds need charging.

See The Doro HearingBuds For Yourself

To learn more about the Doro HearingBuds, please watch this short video:


Technological Specifications

  • Dimensions:
    • Case: 88 x 47 x 26mm
    • 1 Bud: 16 x 17 x 20mm
  • Weight:
    • Case: 57g
    • 1 Bud: 6g
  • Battery:
    • Case: 700 mAh Li-ION Battery
    • 1 Bud: 85 mAh Li-ION Battery
  • Charging Time:
    • Case: 3 Hours
    • Buds: 105 Minutes
  • Battery Life:
    • Case: 2 Full Charges of 2 Earbuds
    • Buds: Up to 11 Hours
  • Waterproof:
    • Case: No
    • Buds: Drip Protected (IP52)
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Warranty: 24 Months

Applying for VAT Relief

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