trueCall Secure Nuisance Call Blocker

trueCall Secure Nuisance Call Blocker

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Brand:  TrueCall

trueCall Secure Nuisance Call Blocker

The trueCall range provides a reliable way to protect the elderly and those with dementia from scam and cold calls. The trueCall Secure Nuisance Call Blocker is an advanced but easy-to-use unit designed to protect your loved ones by blocking unwanted numbers and alerting the user when they've left the phone off the hook.

What's Included?

  • 1 x trueCall Unit
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Manual

Key Features and Benefits

  • No special codes to learn or buttons to press for easy use
  • Special dementia setting for 100% protection
  • Works on all home phone lines for your convenience
  • Used by over 150 local UK authorities and 27 police forces for reliability

Who Can Use the trueCall Secure Nuisance Call Blocker?

This device is ideal for protecting older and vulnerable members of your family from unwanted phone calls. This may be useful to prevent those with limited mobility from having to frequently get to the phone, or to keep them safe from scams. The Secure Nuisance Call Blocker protects against:

  • Telemarketing
  • Silent calls
  • Calls from overseas call centres
  • Fax calls
  • Robocalls
  • Market researchers
  • Offensive or threatening calls
  • Misdials and wrong numbers
  • Recorded message calls

Why Should I Use a Secure Call Blocker?

While telephones are essential, they can sometimes be problematic for older people who may be confused by telemarketing calls or taken advantage of by scammers. The trueCall Secure stops these callers in their tracks.

How Does the trueCall Secure Device Work?

When a call arrives, this device checks the caller's number. If it is a trusted caller the phone rings as normal, but it intercepts all other callers and plays them a message. For example: "Hello, if you're a friend, family member or invited caller please press '1'. If you are a cold caller please hang up and don't call again." Most telemarketers hang up when they hear this message, and automated or silent calls won't get through.

Need More Protection?

If you want even more protection, trueCall Secure can completely block unrecognised callers. For example: "Hello, we only accept calls from friends and family members. If your call is important, please call Bob on 07752 XXX XXX or enter your code now." This guarantees that, when the phone rings, it will be a trusted caller. Other legitimate numbers can get in touch via Bob.

Is the trueCall Secure Call Blocker Easy to Use?

The device is unobtrusive and easy to install, by simply plugging it in between the phone and phone socket. It can be managed via the internet so that you can keep your trusted caller list up to date, and monitor their call log from your home. It is fully configurable so you can choose how you want calls to be managed. It can also block outgoing calls to certain numbers.

Outgoing Call Block

Some individuals suffering from dementia tend to dial the same phone number repeatedly. They may call the speaking clock, a doctor's surgery, or a family member. This can run up high phone bills and be a nuisance for people receiving the calls. trueCall Secure's outgoing call barring feature enables you to block calls to certain numbers (or number ranges). If your relative dials a barred number, they will just hear a tone.

Off Hook Warning

This great product offers a solution for when people leave their phone off the hook, either by knocking the phone handset out of its cradle or by pressing the wrong button on a cordless phone handset. This makes their line engaged, leaving them uncontactable. The trueCall Secure Blocker has an off-hook warning feature. If the phone has been taken off the hook and no number has been dialled in 30 seconds, the device will announce so through the speaker until the handset is replaced.

Call Recording

Call recordings are great for clearing up misunderstandings and identifying mis-selling. It can also keep record of financial abuse, where a trusted caller is threatening or cajoling your relative to send them money.

Additional Information

The security unit is compatible with pendant alarm systems, and allows up to 1000 numbers on your Trusted Caller list. This device works best with the caller-ID service from your telephone network (which is usually free).

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 14 x 9.5 x 3.5cm
  • Product weight: 350g (including PSU and manual)
  • WEEE compliance: Yes
  • Safety: EN60950 certificate B251TC1
  • Voltage/wattage: 240v/1.1w
  • Approvals: RTTE/CE

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