trueCall Home PA Personal Assistant

trueCall Home PA Personal Assistant

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Brand:  TrueCall

trueCall Home PA Personal Assistant

Ideal for small businesses, the trueCall Home PA Personal Assistant Call Blocker provides a range of professional phone features to anyone with a single phoneline. These include an auto-attendant, call recording, and out of hours handling. This handy device creates a professional front that is bound to impress customers and clients.

What's Included?

  • 1 x PA Unit
  • 1 x 140 Hour Memory Card
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x User Manual

Key Features and Benefits

  • Auto-attendant with music for professional front
  • Auto-attendant can play marketing message to boost sales
  • Out of hours call handling for your convenience
  • Call recording to settle disputes and use as evidence if required
  • Advanced 'Do not disturb' feature so you can get on with work
  • Optional caller announcement so you know who is calling
  • Award winning technology to ensure reliability

Professional Front for Your Business

trueCall Home PA is perfect for smaller businesses, offering many of the features large companies have - all from one single phoneline! Use the auto-attendant with music, voice menus, out of hours handling or 'Do not disturb' to generate an effective professional look. 

Call Recording

This device is supplied with a 140-hour memory card. Call recordings are great for clearing up misunderstandings and identifying mis-selling. It can also keep record of financial abuse, where a trusted caller is threatening or cajoling your relative to send them money. You can purchase an additional 70 hour or 140 hour memory card alongside this product by ticking the boxes at the top of this page.

Keeping Track of Calls

Do you want to find out when you last spoke to a client, or separate personal and business calls? This personal assistant device keeps a detailed log of every incoming and outgoing call via your Internet Control Panel. You can also attach names to phone numbers. The device allows you to export your call data and produce reports for accounting or billing purposes. The Control Panel is free for the first year and then £25 annually.

Call Management

This handy unit helps you to manage your phone calls. Call management features include:

  • Voice menu: Allows you to great callers with a menu of options so you can handle their call appropriately.
  • Greeting callers: The auto-attendant feature can answer the call, play a greeting, then ring your phone.
  • Announcing callers: When a call arrives, the device can announce this through the speaker. If it isn't important, you can let it go to voicemail.
  • Do not disturb: If you are in a meeting, all callers are asked to leave a message. Important callers are told that you are busy, but can call if urgent.
  • Out of hours call handling: You can specify your office opening hours. Separate CallFlows can be specified for calls that arrive during office hours, and those outside.
  • Call control: Priority callers can ring through outside office hours, certain callers can be blocked, and others can be asked to identify themselves before they are allowed through.
  • Voicemail: trueCall PA has a secure voicemail system.

Will this Device Work on My Broadband Line?

Yes - it will happily work alongside your broadband connection. Just unplug your telephone and plug it into trueCall.

Which Phones Does the Home PA Unit Work With?

trueCall PA (and all other trueCall products) will work with a wide range of telephone equipment. These include cordless DECT phones, cordless analogue phones and text message phones. It works best with a modern cordless phone system.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (HxWxL): 35 x 95 x 140mm
  • Weight (unit only): 180g
  • Operating voltage: 240v 50hz

Please note that to access all of trueCall Home PA's features you will require the caller-ID service from your network operator. This is usually free.

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