A Guide to Corded Amplified Telephones

13 July 2016  |  John

Choosing an amplified telephone which is right for you can be a real challenge. Deciding between each phone and their different features can be very hard. Fortunately, here at Amplified Telephones we strive to make your purchasing choice as clear and as easy as possible. The PDF below features all our corded amplified phones with their key features.

Key Features to Look For:

  • Receiver volume: This is the call volume, measured in decibels. The louder the receiver volume, the easier it is for the harder of hearing to hear it.
  • Ringer volume: The volume of the ringer, measured in decibels. Like the receiver volume, the louder the ringer volume, the easier the phone is for the hard of hearing to hear ringing.
  • Tone control: Great for those with high or low frequency hearing loss, this enables you to adjust the tone of the call audio to match your hearing needs.
  • Direct memories: One-touch buttons for dialling frequent or emergency numbers. These are great for elderly people whose memories are starting to fail them.
  • Indirect memories: these usually involve pressing two buttons to dial a number. Faster than manual dialling but slower and harder to remember than direct memories.
  • Photo memories: These are fantastic for those whose memory is failing them. They feature the ability to store photographs in the buttons so you can just press on the person you want to dial.
  • Phone book positions: This is how many numbers can be saved on the phone's digital phonebook. Ideal for easily storing a range of different numbers.
  • Visual ring indicator: a flashing light which indicates that the phone is ringing. Provides a great visual indication for the severely hard of hearing that may not even be able to hear the loudest phone ring.
  • Big buttons: Ideal for visually impaired or those with reduced vision, these give you a bigger target to press with larger markings to make numbers easier to read.
  • Hearing aid compatible (HAC): this enables hearing aid users to hear phone conversations directly through their hearing aid.

Download Our Guide

To view and download our guide to finding a corded amplified telephone, simply click the PDF icon below.