Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Vintage Loud Alarm Clock
 Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Vintage Loud Alarm ClockGeemarc Wake'n'Shake Vintage Loud Alarm Clock 

Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Vintage Loud Alarm Clock

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In stock now

Brand:  Geemarc
Product Type:  Alarm Clock
Suitable For:  Hard of hearing

Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Vintage Loud Alarm Clock

If you're having trouble waking up with standard alarm clocks then the Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Vintage Loud Alarm Clock might be just what you're looking for. Make oversleeping a thing of the past by selecting any combination of the LED flashing clock face, the vibrating shaker that you can place under your pillow and the adjustable alarm that goes up to a maximum of 80dB.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Wake'n'Shake Vintage Alarm Clock
  • 1 x Adaptor Plug
  • 1 x Vibrating Shaker
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

How Loud Is the Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Vintage?

With an adjustable volume going all the way up to 80dB the Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Vintage is loud enough to wake people with mild to moderate hearing loss and it includes a vibration and flashing light settings for people with more severe hearing loss. If you require an even louder alarm clock then we recommend the Geemarc Wake'n' Shake Spot Extra-Loud Alarm Clock.

Three Different Alarm Frequencies Available

This alarm clock can be set at three different frequencies which is particularly useful for people who's hearing loss is more pronounced at particular pitches. The options are:

  1. Low tone: 800 Hz
  2. Mid tone: 1000 Hz
  3. High tone: 1500 Hz

Place the Vibrating Shaker Under Your Pillow

The Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Vintage includes a vibration shaker for people with severe or complete hearing loss that you can put under your pillow to help wake you up. The shaker has a two metre long cable that lets you place it wherever is most convenient for you and also features two different vibration levels, letting you tailor the intensity of vibration to your personal requirements. 

Flashing Light Setting

The ring around the clock face can be set to flash with a bright white light when the alarm goes off to help make certain you don't miss your alarm. The flashing light feature can be used in combination with the vibration pillow shaker and adjustable volume. 

Traditional Analogue Clock Face

The Wake'n'Shake Vintage has an old fashioned clock face that makes it easy to read the time at a distance. The backlight for the clock face means that you can read this alarm clock easily even when it's dark; and the adjustable dimmer setting lets you choose how bright the alarm clock is while you're sleeping. 

Can I Use This Alarm Clock to Charge My Phone?

You can charge your smartphone or other electronic devices by plugging them into the alarm clock overnight thanks to the handy USB port. This allows you to wake up on time with your phone or other devices fully charged, ready to face the new day. 

How Does the Battery Power Backup Work?

The Wake'n'Shake Vintage features a battery powered backup that ensures that even if the power fails during the night the alarm clock will still wake you up. Simply place an AA battery in the back of the alarm clock if you wish to use this feature, batteries are not included with your purchase. 

How Easy Is the Geemarc Wake'n'Shake to Use?

All the features of this alarm clock have been designed to be simple and easy to use, with clearly labelled switches that adjust the options to your personal preferences. If you require any additional information on how to use the Wake'n'Shake Vintage, please refer to the user instructions at the bottom of the page. 

Geemarc Replacement Guarantee

From the moment you purchase this Geemarc alarm clock it is guaranteed for up to two years. If the clock breaks due to no fault of your own then contact Geemarc to get your replacement. 

Key Features

  • Extra loud alarm: 80dB
  • Flashing light display to help you wake up
  • Dimmer switch with three settings for the backlight
  • Vintage clock-face display
  • Five minute snooze function
  • Includes a vibration pad for placing under your pillow
  • Adjustable vibration with two different levels
  • USB charging port for phones or other devices (USB charging cable not included)

Technical Specifications

  • Supplied with a power adaptor plug
  • Backup battery (AA) in case of a power failure (batteries not included) 
  • Dimensions: (HxWxL): 14 x 14 x 7cm
  • Weight: 280g
  • Jack plug 5.5mm
  • Shaker wire length: 2 metres

Additional Documentation

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