Geemarc Wake 'n' Shake Black Voyager Extra Loud Travel Alarm Clock with Vibration

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Brand:  Geemarc
Product Type:  Alarm Clock
Suitable For:  Hard of hearing

Geemarc Wake 'n' Shake Black Voyager Extra Loud Travel Alarm Clock with Vibration

Never miss a second of your trip with the Geemarc Wake 'n' Shake Black Voyager Extra Loud Travel Alarm Clock with Vibration. Ideal for travelling, this compact, battery-operated alarm features an extra-loud alarm, and can also be set to vibrate and light-up to rouse you from even the deepest of sleeps.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Black Voyager Alarm Clock
  • 1 x Travel Case
  • 1 x Lanyard with Clip
  • 1 x AAA battery
  • 2 x AA batteries

Key Information

  • Alarm volume: Up to 75dB
  • Alarm duration: 1 minute
  • Vibration available
  • Digital time display

Key Features and Benefits

  • Extra loud alarm for the hard of hearing and heavy sleepers
  • Powerful alarm that sounds for one minute
  • Built-in vibration for full sensory wake up experience
  • Fully customisable alarm with five settings for easy use
  • Easy-to-read display for the visually impaired
  • Easy-to-use function keys for straightforward operation

Who Is This Alarm For?

With its extra loud tone, bright strobe light and vibration alerts, the Voyager Extra Loud Travel Alarm is perfect for both deep sleepers and the hard of hearing. Thanks to its compact size and internal battery, this alarm clock will easily fit into your travel bag and can be used just about anywhere without the need to connect cables or rummage around for travel adaptors.

Will This Alarm Stop Me From Sleeping In?

The Geemarc Wake 'n' Shake Voyager was designed primarily as an accessible alarm for those who cannot hear a standard alarm, but it is just as useful to those of us who have trouble getting out of bed for a standard volume alarm. The three alerts – vibration, flash and ringer – are customisable to your needs, and each can be changed in intensity or turned off entirely.

There is also a customisable snooze function (between 5 and 60 minutes) which can be tailored towards the urgency with which you need to get out of bed. Because it's so loud, this alarm can also be kept away from the bed, forcing you to get up before you can press snooze or turn it off.

Will I Be Able to Hear This Alarm?

At 90dB you should be able to hear this alarm even if you are hard of hearing – although that will depend on the level of hearing you have. The volume is similar to being up close to a running lawn mower. It is supplied with optional vibration and flashing lights, which are ideal for use by people with complete loss of hearing.

Are the Volume and Tone Variable?

Yes, the Voyager offers a choice of different tones and volumes and can be set to a tone and volume that suits your needs. The alarm reaches a maximum volume of 75dB, making it loud enough to wake just about anyone. It also features an optional vibration as it rings, providing a physical prompt as well as visual and audio alerts.

What Is the Display Like?

The Geemarc Extra Loud Travel Alarm Clock has an LCD display that can be set to either 12 or 24-hour time. This screen is bright and easy-to-read, enabling you to check the time with just a glance at any point in the night.

Wake 'n' Shake Black Voyager flash function
Light function to help you read the time at night

What Are the Different Alert Settings?

The Wake 'n' Shake Voyager has five different alert settings, so that you can completely customise how you are woken up. The settings are:

  • Sound only
  • Shaker only
  • Strobe light only
  • Sound and vibration
  • Strobe light and sound

Is There Another Colour Option Available?

If you are looking for a different colour this alarm clock is also available in white. The Geemarc Wake 'n' Shake White Voyager Extra Loud Travel Alarm Clock has all the same great compact features as this alarm clock.

Technical Specifications

  • Alarm Volume: Up to 75dB at 1m
  • Alarm Duration: 1 Minute
  • Snooze Duration: 5 - 60 Minutes
  • Time Format: 12/24 Hours
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 9 x 3cm

Applying for VAT Relief

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