Geemarc Metallic Blue Marbella Corded Telephone
Geemarc Metallic Blue Marbella Corded TelephoneGeemarc Metallic Blue Marbella Corded TelephoneGeemarc Metallic Blue Marbella Corded Telephone

Geemarc Metallic Blue Marbella Corded Telephone

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In stock now

Brand:  Geemarc
Style:  Corded
Receiver Volume:  8dB
Ringer Volume:  70dB
Product Type:  Corded Telephone

Geemarc Metallic Blue Marbella Corded Telephone

If you are someone, or care for someone, who suffers from reduced hearing, sight, or memory loss, tasks like dialing with a telephone in an emergency can become extremely tricky. The Geemarc Metallic Blue Marbella Corded Telephone simplifies the tricky parts of phone use, providing comfort and utility to those with reduced capabilities.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Telephone
  • 1 x Handset
  • 1 x Connection Cable

What Colours Are Available?

The Marbella Corded Telephone is available in several other colours which you can select below:

  • Black (Geemarc Black Marbella Corded Telephone)
  • Grey (Geemarc Grey Marbella Corded Telephone)
  • Silver (Geemarc Silver Marbella Corded Telephone)
  • White (Geemarc Pearl White Marbella Corded Telephone)

Is This Phone Amplified?

The Geemarc Marbella, though fitted with several features that benefit the hard-of-hearing (visual indicators), is not an amplified telephone. This means that volume controls do not exceed the usual parameters of a standard telephone.

Friendly Large Button Design 

With a larger button design, the Marbella Corded Telephone will be useful for anybody with reduced dexterity or difficulties reading smaller numbers. This will help to reduce the risk of numbers being incorrectly dialed and generally make the experience of using the telephone less stressful.

Variety of enlarged practical buttons for optimal use
Variety of enlarged practical buttons for optimal use

Clear Visual Indicator

For those with hearing impairments, the visual ringer indicator can provide a prompt in the form of a light whenever the phone rings. This will be useful for anybody who would struggle to hear the phone ringing and would prefer to rely on a visual aid.

Variety of Practical Functions

With both last number redial and time break recall, the Marbella Corded Telephone makes receiving and making phone calls much more straightforward. It also features a mute button, meaning it can be silenced during times when you do not wish to be disturbed.

Where Do I Fit the Marbella Corded Telephone?

The Marbella Corded Telephone can also be mounted to a wall so it will always be in one fixed place and impossible to misplace. It doesn't require a power socket, and can easily be plugged into any phone connection.

Corded System for Dementia Sufferers

As the phone is corded, it also means that the receiver will not stray from the main base. This fixed positioning will be practical for anybody with memory issues, dementia or a tendency to become confused or flustered when the phone rings.

PABX Compatible

The Geemarc Marbella Telephone is PABX compatible - but what does this mean for you?

  • PABX or Private Automatic Branch Exchange is type of phone system makes it possible to have many lines of access using a few connections to the public network. 
  • This network is also called the public switched telephone network (PSTN), and is commonly used in offices for customer services.
  • If you work in an office or own an office space, and want to choose a telephone that accommodates all employees, the Geemarc Marbella is the best choice for you!

Key Features of the Geemarc Marbella Corded Telephone

  • Handset Volume: + 8 Db RLR
  • Ringer Volume: 70 db at 1 meter
  • Call Features:
    • Tone dialing feature
    • Time break recall button
    • Last number redial button
    • Mute button
  • Ringer Features:
    • Visual ringer indicator
    • Ringer button with On / Off
  • Ergonomic Features:
    • Wall mountable
    • Large button interface

Technical Specifications of the Blue Marbella Corded Telephone

  • Overall Dimensions: 8.5cm x 7.5cm x 24cm (WxDxL)
  • PABX Compatibility: Compatible with most PABXs
  • No adaptor plug required

Documentation for the Geemarc Marbella Corded Telephone

User Instructions

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