Doro Easy Smartwatch for Elderly (Pink/White)

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Brand:  Doro
Product Type  Smartwatch

Doro Easy Smartwatch for Elderly (Pink/White)

A smartwatch can be a great option for seniors wanting to use technology to support their independence. Beyond just checking the time, the Doro Easy Smartwatch for Elderly (Pink/White) can be used for medication and appointment reminders, activity tracking and health monitoring, and has a large icon/text display for easy reading.

This senior smartwatch is also available in a black and green colourway.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Doro Watch
  • 1 x USB-A Watch Charger
  • 1 x UK Charger
  • 1 x Additional Strap
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

Key Features and Benefits

  • Stay active by monitoring you health and tracking your activity
  • Large, easy-to-use, high-contrast screen with bigger icons
  • Simple, intuitive navigation; simply swipe across the screen for functions
  • Compatible with Android (10.0 or later) and iOS (9.0) smartphones
  • Assistance button that alerts loved ones that you need some help (requires the Doro 8100 Smartphone)
  • Tracks your daily steps and can log other sports activities
  • Water-resistant so you can leave it on most of the time
  • IP68 rated: protected from dust and water up to 30 minutes at 1.5 metres
  • Also available in a black and green colourway

Who Can Use the Doro Smart Watch?

Ideal for Doro smartphone users, the Doro Watch is perfect for those who wish to maintain an active lifestyle and stay up-to-date with important notifications. Designed with an easy-to-read 1.28" screen, the Doro Smartwatch allows you to monitor your health, track your activity and receive get notifications of incoming phone calls, message notifications, alarms and calendar entries from your smartphone.

How Can the Doro Watch for Seniors Help Me Stay Active?

As well as tracking your steps every day, the Doro Smartwatch allows you to log activities such as running or cycling, helping you to stay on track with your fitness goals. You can use the Doro Smartwatch with the Doro Companion App on your smartphone to monitor other important health metrics, including your nightly sleep and heart rate across the day, giving a useful picture of your overall health.

What Safety Features Does the Doro Smartwatch Have?

The Doro Easy Smartwatch features an assistance button that when connected with the Doro 8100 Smartphone, can trigger alerts through the 'Response by Doro' app to let family or friends know should you need help. This feature provides an added level of security so you can feel more safe and confident going about your day.

How Long Does the Battery of this Senior Smartwatch Last?

With an exceptional battery life of up to one full week, the Doro Smartwatch for Seniors comes with a handy charging cradle to make recharging easy. The Doro Smartwatch will be fully charged after just 2 hours of charging so you don't have to wait.

Is the Doro Smartwatch for Seniors Waterproof?

Whilst the Doro Smartwatch isn't waterproof, it is certified water resistant at 1.5 metres for around 30 minutes, so whether you're white water rafting or simply washing the dishes, you can rest assured that your Doro Watch is up to the task. It is ok to shower with the Doro Watch, but be mindful of exposure to soaps, shampoo and conditioners that may cause long-term wear to your watch and can also contribute to skin irritation.

Why Should I Measure My Blood Oxygen Levels?

The Doro Smartwatch monitors your blood oxygen with a light sensor on the underside of the watch. For optimal functioning, your blood oxygen level should be at least 90%; a level below 90% requires that you give your caregiver a call. Similarly, sleep and heart rate are also important metrics for keeping track of your health, giving you a helpful indication that you might benefit from seeking medical attention.

What Is The Doro Companion App?

Making it easy to track your health, the Doro Companion App can be downloaded on your phone and linked to your Doro Watch to track your healthy habits. The app is divided into four tabs as shown in this image:

Doro companion app interface

For more details on the app, please download the user guide below:


Technical Specifications

  • Notifications from Smartphone:
    • Incoming Calls: Yes
    • Message Notifications: Yes
    • Alarm: Yes
    • Calendar: Yes
    • Sedentary: Yes
    • Target Reaching: Yes
  • Activity Tracking:
    • Running: Yes
    • Walking: Yes
    • Cycling: Yes
    • Fitness: Yes
    • Step Counting: Yes
    • Distance: Yes
  • Health Monitoring:
    • Heart Rate: Yes
    • Blood Oxygen: Yes
    • Calories: Yes
    • Sleep: Yes
  • Display:
    • Touch Screen: Yes
    • Number of Physical Keys: 2
    • Display Size: 1.28"
    • Display Type: TFT Glass
    • Display Resolution: 240 x 240
    • Glass: 6H Hardness
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 13.4mm
    • Width: 45.3mm
    • Depth: 45.3mm
    • Bezel: 44mm
    • Weight 45g
  • Materials:
    • Strap: TPU/Silicone with metal tongue buckle
    • Chassis: Metal / Plastic
  • Sound:
    • Microphone: No
    • Speaker: No
    • Vibrate: Yes
  • Connection:
    • Wi-Fi: No
    • Bluetooth: 5.0
    • SIM-Card: No
    • Memory Card Slot: No
    • GPS: No
    • Find My Phone: Yes
  • Available Accessories:
    • Charging Cradle: USB-A Connector
    • Additional Straps: Green, Black, Pink, White

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