Bierley ColorMouse Television Text Magnifier

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Brand:  Bierley

Bierley ColorMouse Television Text Magnifier

As we age, our vision tends to slowly degrade, making it difficult to read the small text on books, labels and recipes. The Bierley ColorMouse Television Text Magnifier provides an easy and convenient way to magnify small text, and displays it in large, easy-to-read letters on your television.

The ColorMouse is available in a standard or RM version that allows multiple viewing options. Select your desired option using the drop-down menu above.

Please note: The first image above shows the ColorMouse Reverse Mode version that includes an extra button beside the cable. The standard ColorMouse includes only one central button.

What's Included with My Purchase?

With your purchase, you will receive:

  • 1 x ColorMouse
  • 1 x RCA connection
  • 1 x 6' roll of easy-store cable

Key Features

  • Displays coloured text on your television in large, easy-to-read letters
  • Ideal for reading books, newspapers, magazines and instructions
  • Perfect for small text on pill bottles, bills and food labels
  • Easy to install with one plug into any regular television
  • Activated instantly by pressing the large blue button
  • Enlarges images and text in vivid full colour
  • RM version provides a number of viewing options for easier reading
  • Compatible with any TV using a video input
  • Provides 28x magnification when used with a 40" TV

Magnification in Vivid Colour

If you suffer from visual impairment or a slight loss of vision, it can be hard to read books and look at photos as you used to. The ColorMouse allows you to see what you need to as clearly as ever, magnifying your text and images onto your television. Compatible with any television with a video input, this easy-to-install device will make reading books, recipes, instructions and prescriptions quick and easy.

RM Version for Macular Degeneration

The brightness and glare that show up on most screens can be hard on the eyes, especially for those suffering from macular degeneration. The RM, or "Reverse Mode" version of the ColorMouse provides an option to change the text colour to pure white on a black background, which is easier on the eyes. Another available mode makes the text pure black on a pure white background, ideal for packaging with bright or low-contrast colour schemes.

Installation Instructions

  1. Connect the power pack to your ColorMouse device
  2. Connect the RCA cable from your ColorMouse into the video input of your TV
  3. Plug the power pack into a wall outlet
  4. Switch your television to the 'video' input channel, where you should immediately see a magnified image
  5. Hold the magnifier in your hand and roll over whatever you'd like to see magnified on your television

Can I Use It With a HDMI Port?

For use with a newer TV that includes an HDMI port and no SCART socket, a SCART to HDMI converter must be purchased separately.

How to Use the ColorMouse

Watch the video below for a short guide on how to use your ColorMouse.

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