Swissvoice C50s Amplified Mobile Phone with Smart Base


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Brand:  Swissvoice

Swissvoice C50s Amplified Mobile Phone with Smart Base

Smartphones have changed the way we connect to the world, but getting acquainted with your very first smart phone can be overwhelming for the elderly. The Swissvoice C50s Amplified Mobile Phone with Smart Base offers the unique concept of a simple-to-use amplified smartphone combined with a base station for ease of use and hands-free access, providing a range of functions to make it as simple as possible to stay in touch.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Swissvoice Senior Smartphone
  • 1 x Smart comfort base
  • 1 x Adaptor with USB cable
  • 1 x Quick user guide
  • 1 x Battery and battery cover
  • 1 x Set of earphones

Key Information

  • Earpiece volume: Up to 35dB
  • Ringer / speakerphone volume: Up to 90dB
  • Hearing aid compatible: Yes
  • Phone book: Unlimited storage
  • Caller ID: Yes (dependent on plan from service provider)
  • Camera: Yes (front and rear)
  • Answering machine: Yes (dependent on plan from service) provider

How Easy To Use Is the C50s Amplified Mobile Phone?

The Swissvoice C50s was created to make smartphones easier and more accessible for the elderly, which is why it's equipped with a range of features that add to usability, including:

  • Loud Volume: Loud ringing and earpiece volumes to ensure the user never misses a thing
  • Simplified Menu: Everything in one place to make navigation simple for any user
  • Comfort Base Station: Allows charging, media-listening, loud hands-free calls and even video calling
  • Safety Features: Includes SOS button that sends location and emergency message to five contacts

See the Swissvoice C50s for Yourself!

To truly get an idea of how easy this simplified smartphone is to use, watch the video below, where we'll show you all of the main features and benefits at a glance.

How Easy Is Dialling?

The large, high-resolution screen makes navigation simple, as it includes large, well-space buttons without cluttering the screen. The large keyboard makes hitting the keys easy and stress-free, minimising the chance of dialling the wrong number.

Can Anyone Navigate the Menu?

Yes, as shown in the video above, the menu is intuitively designed to put the most important functions within a single touch. Three photo speed-dials allow you to save your favourite numbers for quick access, and are displayed prominently at the top of the simplified menu. The simple menu is easy to use and read, as it, for example, puts all your messages and pictures in the same place to avoid a cluttered page.

Three Photo Speed Dial Buttons
Three photo speed dial buttons for your favourite numbers

How Loud is the Swissvoice C50s Senior Smartphone?

As this phone is designed for the hearing impaired, it boasts some of the loudest earpiece and ringer volumes available. The earpiece can be boosted to 35 decibels (6x as loud as a standard phone), while the loudspeaker can be adjusted up to a booming 90 decibels – more than loud enough for clear hands-free and video calling.

What is the Benefit of the Comfort Base Station?

The comfort base station works to make the phone much easier to grasp for a user unfamiliar with smartphones, providing a constant base for the phone to return to for charging. The high definition loudspeaker makes voice and video calls, radio and internet videos easy to hear, providing a loud and clear hub for the mobile. There is also volume control, and a one-touch pick-up/hang-up button to allow the mobile to function in the same manner as a standard cordless home phone.

How Does the SOS Button Work?

The SOS button, located on the rear of the phone and also on the base, will send an emergency call and SMS with a geo-location link to five pre-set numbers. This is a discreet addition to the phone that can be very valuable in case of an emergency.

C50s Amplified Mobile Phone SOS Button
The SOS button can be valuable in case of an emergency.

Can I Use This Phone Inside and Outside the Home?

The C50s Amplified Mobile Phone has all the most important features of a traditional smartphone in a simplified form. This means it can easily be used both inside and outside the home, in the same way as a regular mobile or home phone.

Is the Swissvoice C50s Easy to Charge?

One of the features that makes the Swissvoice C50s simpler to use than a standard mobile phone is its smart charging base. To charge the phone, all you need to do is connect the USB plug of the adaptor to the charging socket (as you would with a regular mobile phone), or simply place the device in the cradle.

C50s Smart Base
The smart base will charge your phone

Is the Swissvoice C50s Compatible with Hearing Aids?

The Swissvoice C50s is designed as a practical solution for the elderly and the hard of hearing. This is why it can easily be used in conjunction with your hearing aid, providing the sound boost you need to never again miss what is being said over the phone. It is fully M4/T4 hearing aid compatible, allowing it to work with almost any hearing aid.

Does it Include All Standard Smartphone Features?

The Swissvoice C50s Amplified Phone looks and functions virtually the same as a traditional smartphone, and features all the same conveniences in a simplified form. It runs on Android version 7.0, which means it can be used in the same way as any other smart phone with that operating system.

What Makes the Menu Easier To Use?

The simple-to-use menu allows easy access to the main functions, which includes three photo speed dials, three main one-touch functions (Call, Messages, Pictures), one-touch access using the "More" button to all other functions (camera, WhatsApp, internet, selfie, medication, etc.), and to all your favourite apps (weather, FM radio, YouTube, Facebook, etc.).

Does the Swissvoice C50s Amplified Mobile Have a Camera?

Yes, the C50s Amplified Phone has all the functionalities of a traditional smartphone, plus a few extra features that make it more suitable for meeting senior needs. This includes an 8MP rear camera, and 2MP front camera.

Is the Swissvoice C50s Amplified Mobile Phone Easy to Set Up?

Setting up the Swissvoice C50s Amplified Mobile Phone is in most ways similar to setting up a standard smart phone. A physical user manual is included in the box with your device, and you can also access a digital version by clicking the following link:

Key Features of the Swissvoice C50s Amplified Mobile Phone

  • Ringing volume of 90dB, equivalent to a motorcycle at 7.5m
  • Listening volume boost of up to 35dB (6x louder than a standard mobile)
  • Easy-to-use interface with large keyboard
  • Three photo speed dial buttons for favourite numbers
  • Text-to-speech message function
  • SOS button for easy contacting in case of emergency
  • Easy charging with the smart base
  • Includes 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera
  • Torch with easy-access torch button
  • Compatible with your hearing aid (M4/T4)

Technical Specifications

  • Talk Time: Up to 8 hours
  • Standby Time: Up to 210 hours
  • Dual Cards: SIM + 4G USIM; dual standby
  • Processor: MTK6737VWA Quad-cortex 1.3GHz CPU
  • OS: Android 7.0
  • Memory: RAM 1 GB DDR2, ROM 8 GB, supports a TF Memory Card up to 32 GB (optional)
  • USB Jack: Micro USB
  • Headset Connection: 3.5 mm jack

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