Geemarc Photophone 450 Amplified Picture Telephone

Geemarc Photophone 450 Amplified Picture Telephone


This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.  

This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.

Brand:  Geemarc

Geemarc Photophone 450 Amplified Picture Telephone

Remembering numbers and hearing the phone can be massive obstacles to safety and well-being for those with hearing and memory issues, so choosing a phone that can help with both can provide a significant boost to quality of life. The Geemarc Photophone 450 Amplified Picture Telephone is an ideal solution, as it features six large photo-ID speed-dial numbers and one of the loudest handsets and ringers on the market, ensuring the user can contact and hear loved ones and important numbers at any time.

Please note: This product has unfortunately been discontinued and is no longer available. There is a newer model of this item available as the Geemarc Photophone 100 Amplified Picture Telephone.

Key Features

  • One of the loudest amplified phones on the market – never miss a call again!
  • Features six large photo-ID buttons to eliminate the need to remember numbers
  • Developed in conjunction with Action on Hearing Loss for those with hearing loss
  • Ideal for those with memory problems and severe hearing loss
  • Bright flashing LED light and illuminated keys alert the user when the phone is ringing
  • Easy-to-use with full hearing aid compatibility and hands-free speakerphone

What's Included?

This phone is supplied with everything needed to get started right away. This includes:

  • 1 x Photophone 450 unit
  • 1 x Photophone 450 handset with curly cord
  • 1 x Telephone line cord
  • 1 x Mains power adaptor
  • 1 x User manual

How Loud is the Photophone 450?

The Photophone 450 is one of the loudest amplified telephones on the market, with a handset volume that's adjustable up to 40dB to ensure the user can clearly hear every word. The ringer is extra-loud as well (adjustable up to 90dB), making sure the user will never miss a call again.

Will It Stop Me from Missing Calls?

If you frequently miss calls because you can't hear the ringer, this phone is the perfect solution. In addition to the extra-loud ringer, this phone features a bright flashing LED light and illuminated keys that flash when the phone is ringing, providing a visual prompt on top of the already-loud ringer.

Will the Photophone 450 Help Me Remember Numbers?

This phone can help those with age-related memory loss to stay in touch with important numbers, as it features six large photo-ID speed-dial buttons that can be customised with images of loved ones and emergency services symbols. This will make forgetting numbers a thing of the past, as the user can get in touch with their desired contact with a single touch of a button.

Is This Phone Suitable for Children?

The Photophone 450 isn't only suitable for the elderly, as the large photo-ID buttons are also perfect for helping young children get in touch with who they need to. Kids can simply press the button labelled with the face of their parent, loved one or an emergency services symbol, ensuring a lack of number recall won't be a problem in a serious situation.

Can the Photophone 450 Store Numbers?

This phone does feature built-in phonebook memory, allowing for up to 50 names and numbers to be stored at a time. This allows for all important numbers to be stored, ensuring the user can contact their support network whenever necessary.

Is it Hearing Aid Compatible?

This phone is built for maximum accessibility, and so can be easily connected to virtually any hearing aid or cochlear implant. On 'Hearing Aid Loop' setting, the phone will automatically transfer sound to the connected hearing aid, transmitting clear conversations directly to the user.

How Big Are the Buttons?

Modern phones are often made with small buttons that can be difficult to dial for those without significant fine motor control. All operations of this phone are controlled with large, illuminated buttons, making them both easy to see and easy to press.

Can This Phone Run On Batteries?

The Photophone 450 features the capability to run on 4 x AAA alkaline batteries in case of power failure. These batteries are not included with this purchase, and must be purchased separately.

Does it Have Speakerphone?

This phone does feature an extra-loud hands-free speakerphone. This allows the user to continue with their tasks while on the phone, and the high volume will ensure a comfortable and clear conversation.

Can It Be Wall-Mounted?

The Photophone 450 can be mounted to a wall, so it will always be in one fixed place and therefore impossible to misplace. As the phone is corded, it also means that the receiver will not stray from the main base. This fixed positioning increases the practicality of the phone for anybody with memory issues, dementia, or a tendency to become confused or flustered when the phone rings.

User Instruction Manual

Click the PDF link below to view the full user manual for the Photophone 450.

User Instruction Manual
User Instruction Manual for the Photophone 450

Photophone 450 Additional Features

  • Adjustable receiving volume: up to 40dB
  • Adjustable receiving tone control: up to 10dB
  • Phone book: 50 number capacity
  • Group listening capability
  • Flash / Pause capability
  • Mute button
  • Last number dialling (on the last 5 outgoing numbers)
  • Caller ID:
    • Caller ID and call waiting
    • New call indicator
    • Message waiting indicator
    • Total call counter
    • Caller ID history (up to 50 names and numbers)
  • LCD Screen:
    • Navigation menu
    • Three lines
    • White backlight
  • Ringer
    • 12 polyphonic melodies
    • Ringer visual indicator
    • Ringer switch (Hi/Low/Off?Polyphonic)

Technical Specifications

  • Wall mountable
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 20 x 16 x 7cm
  • Supplied with an adaptor plug
  • Can run on 4 x AAA batteries (not included)

Please note: Due to the extra-loud volume of this phone, care should be taken during the first few uses to ensure a safe listening volume.

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