Geemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phone
Geemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile PhoneGeemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile PhoneGeemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile PhoneGeemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phone

Geemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phone

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Brand:  Geemarc
Style:  Cordless
Receiver Volume:  40dB
Ringer Volume:  90dB
Product Type:  Mobile Phone

Geemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phone

If you find standard mobile phones hard to hear and difficult to use, the Geemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phone is the ideal mobile for you. With a classic clamshell design as well as large buttons, a simple interface and call volume eight times louder than standard mobiles, the CL8500 takes all of the frustration out of using your mobile phone.

What Makes the Geemarc CL8500 the Best Amplified Mobile Available?

The Geemarc CL8500 Amplified Mobile was designed to put the user first – making all of its functions as easy-to-use as possible. To set itself apart from the crowd, this phone features include:

  • Extra-Loud Receiver: Hear calls clearer and louder than ever before with speech up to 40dB (8x louder than a regular mobile!)
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility: Connect seamlessly to your hearing aid with built-in T-coil and M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility
  • Dual LCD Screens: Two large, bright and high-contrast screens display the time, date, and information about your caller
  • Talking Keypad and Caller ID: Announce the buttons being pressed and contact names as they call to help the visually impaired
  • Large, Bright Buttons: Enjoy easy dialling with large buttons illuminated with bright white light
  • One-Touch Speed Dial: Three keys at the top of the keypad are dedicated to providing one-touch speed dial to your favourite contacts
  • Emergency Functions: Stay prepared for emergencies with an SOS button, five pre-programmable emergency numbers and an I.C.E function

What's In the Box?

  • 1 x Geemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phone
  • 1 x Desktop charging unit
  • 1 x Mains power adaptor
  • 1 x Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
  • 1 x User guide

Geemarc CL8500 360° View

How Easy is the CL8500 Mobile Phone to Use?

Simply put: this is the ideal phone for anyone who finds modern smart phones frustrating or difficult to use. Features like one touch memory, a large keypad that talks when you enter buttons, a high contrast screen, one touch dialling and more make this phone the simplest and most enjoyable to use on the market. If you want to take the nonsense and hassle out of mobile use, this is the phone for you.

How Loud Is This Phone?

This phone features an extra-loud receiver, letting you amplify the speech of your callers up to 40dB, or over 8x louder than a standard mobile phone! The ringer is also extra-loud, and can be adjusted up to a massive maximum volume of 90dB (measured at 1 metre distance).

Can I Connect This Phone to My Hearing Aid?

Yes, this phone features an M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility rating, letting you seamlessly connect to your hearing aid. This provides crystal clear sound directly into your ears, ensuring you hear everything that's said.

Is the Screen Easy to Read?

This phone is equipped with two bright, high-contrast LCD screens that make it easy to read texts, navigate the menu and see everything you need to. Text is large, letters are bright and colours are vivid – letting you see everything on the phone with ease.

How Does the One-Touch Dialling Work?

This phone includes three one touch memory keys (M1, M2 and M3) located at the top of the keypad to make speed dialling simple. You can assign the numbers of your favourite three contacts to each one of these to allow for near-instant dialling.

What Emergency Functions Are Included?

Besides being simple and easy to use, this phone will keep you prepared in the event of an emergency. Firstly, the SOS button (pictured on the back of the phone below) can send an emergency text message and dial the numbers of your 5 previously selected emergency numbers. The phone also features an I.C.E function, which we'll explain in more detail below.

SOS button of the Geemarc Cl8500 Mobile Clamshell Amplified Phone

What Is the I.C.E Function?

Useful, simple and essential, the I.C.E function lets you log your name, address, ailments, allergies, medications, blood group, GP and all other important medical information that will be displayed to whoever assists you in an emergency. This adds another layer of peace of mind, ensuring that your assistance during an emergency is as informed as possible. The I.C.E function is activated by holding the "2" key, as seen below.

Emergency I.C.E function of the CL8500

Does This Phone Have a Camera?

Yes, this phone includes a camera to let you capture important moments any time you need to. The camera takes pictures at a 300K pixel quality, allowing you to capture life in clarity.

Please note that the camera takes still images only. It cannot take video footage.

What Kind of SIM Card Does This Phone Use?

This phone uses a Standard SIM, also known as a Mini SIM, which measure 25 x 15mm. You can read a full guide to different types of SIM cards in our article: "Which SIM Card Do I Need?".

How Does the CL8500 Assist the Visually Impaired?

Besides offering a clear display and large, easy-to-see buttons, this phone also offers optional talking keypad and talking caller ID settings, which can be invaluable for those with visual impairments. This keypad will read aloud all keys that are pressed, ensuring that typing errors can be noticed and corrected by the user. The talking called ID will announce the name of the contact currently calling you, ensuring you know who is trying to get in touch at all times.

Does This Phone Include a Torch?

Yes, this phone includes a torch light to keep you prepared in any dark situation, as you can see in the image below. Controlled via the Torch/Amplify button on the mobile's side, you can turn the bright light on and off at the touch of a button to make sure you always have a guiding light to lead your way.

Geemarc CL8500 Clamshell Mobile Phone torch light

Can I Identify Contacts By Image?

Yes, this phone includes a photophone function, allowing you to programme up to 12 of your contacts' photos to be displayed when they call. This photo will display on both the inside and outside screen, ensuring you will know who is calling when the phone rings.

Will This Phone Work with All UK Mobile Networks?

Yes, this phone is compatible with all UK mobile networks with 2G coverage. It is not locked to any service provider, allowing the user to select the appropriate network for their needs.

How Do I Charge the CL8500 Mobile Phone?

You can use the included charger to charge the phone from a wall socket, and this phone even includes a handy desktop charging dock! To use the charging dock unit, simply attach the charging cable from the wall to the charging dock, then place your phone into the charging unit whenever you want a quick and convenient charge! The phone looks great sitting on a desk when in the charging dock, as you can see below.

Geemarc CL8500 Clamshell Mobile Phone in its charging dock unit

Which Languages Can This Phone Display?

This phone can display its menu and controls in 12 different languages to make it suitable for a wide variety of users. The 12 languages are: English, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dansk and Swedish.

How Do I Install a SIM Card?

You'll need a SIM card from your service provider to get this phone up and running, which can be easily installed into the back of the mobile. To install your SIM, simply:

  1. Slide the battery cover down to remove it from the phone
  2. Remove the battery (if already inside)
  3. Slide your SIM with the gold contacts face down under the silver SIM holder

For more detailed instruction on installing your SIM card, consult the User Instruction Manual in the PDF link below.

Can I Turn Off the SOS Button?

Please note that the SOS button cannot be disabled (you may continually press it by accidents) but a simple press will not launch the SOS call. Just hold the button for 5 seconds. There is no way to turn off the SOS button.

User Instruction Manual

You can see detailed instruction with diagrams of all the CL8500 Clamshell Mobile Phone's functions by clicking the PDF link below:

User Instructions
CL8500 User Instructions

What Other Features Does the CL8500 Include?

  • Clamshell design for compact carrying in the pocket
  • Large and bright buttons to make dialling easy and efficient
  • Dual displays are bright with high contrast for easy viewing
  • Phonebook with capacity for up to 300 contact entries
  • Photophone function allows you to pair 12 numbers with contact's pictures
  • Missed call indicator ensures you're always able to return important calls
  • Talking keypad announces each button press to reduce errors
  • Includes a bright white LED torch for illumination on the go
  • SOS button and I.C.E function for emergency preparedness
  • Mute function to ensure silence when it's needed
  • Calendar with date and time setting to keep you on schedule
  • Choice of 9 different ring melodies
  • Talking caller ID and talking keypad in 12 languages
  • Emergency functions including SOS button for emergency call
  • Can programme up to 5 emergency numbers
  • SMS send and receive capability with message waiting icon

Technical Specifications

  • Battery: Li-Ion rechargeable
  • Battery standby: 200 hours standby time
  • Battery talk: 3.5 hours talk time
  • Charging: 2 hours charging time
  • GSM Quad-Band - 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Camera: 300K pixel
  • SAR: 0.97W/kg
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Charges via micro-USB
  • SIM: Space for two SIM cards (SIM cards not included)
  • Space for SDHC Card: 4GB maximum

Geemarc CL8500 Video

Can I Turn Off the Talking Keypad?

Yes, you can select a range of options for the keypad, including silent, tone or human voice. Follow these steps to navigate through the menu:

  1. Press Menu
  2. Then scroll down to "settings" and press OK
  3. Then scroll down to profiles and press OK
  4. The word "generally" will most likely be highlighted at this point
  5. In the left corner, the word "options" will appear – press the key below it
  6. After that, scroll down to "customise" and press Select
  7. Scroll down quite a way to "keypad"
  8. It will most likely be set to "human voice"
  9. Press "options" on the left
  10. You'll have the choice between "change" or "save"
  11. Highlight "change" and press select
  12. At this point you'll have four options
  13. Choose the option you'd prefer between "tone" or "silent" and press OK
  14. Press options again, then scroll down to "save" and press select

Applying for VAT Relief

This product may be suitable for VAT relief, meaning that if you are buying this item, you do not have to pay VAT. Please visit our VAT Exemption Page to find out more about eligibility for VAT exemption and how to claim back your VAT after purchase.

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User Instruction Manual

You can see detailed instruction with diagrams of all the CL8500 Clamshell Mobile Phone's functions by clicking the PDF link below:

User Instructions
CL8500 User Instructions
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Saturday, 13 February 2021  | 

brilliant phone would recommend to anyone of hard of hear

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mobile phone
Friday, 12 February 2021  | 


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This review has not been appraised.

Monday, 18 May 2020  | 

Fast delivery, great phone and definitely worth the money! Had no problems at all with anything. Thanks very much x

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.

Very loud phone
Thursday, 14 May 2020  | 

We bought this for my elderly father in law who had very poor hearing after he was taken into care and isolated because of Covid-19. We were able to programme 3 numbers into the memory keys. He was able to hear through it, even without his hearing aids. Unfortunately his condition worsened rapidly and he didn't actually use it to make calls before he died. Its a good product for anyone needing extra volume. Took 6 days to reach us after posting via Royal Mail.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Saturday, 10 August 2019  | 

Having tried different phones I am really happy to come back to my all time favorite this phone is solid chunky and and reliable.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Sunday, 23 June 2019  | 

very pleased with the phone

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CL8500 mobile 'phone
Thursday, 27 September 2018  | 

This phone meets my needs well as I am hard of hearing, and the very loud button makes phone calls so much more understandable. My son makes no concession for the fact I am deaf so I am able to have a reasonable conversation with him! Other features are very welcome too on what is just a mobile phone. I particularly like the charging cradle.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

CL8500 mobile phone
Friday, 15 December 2017  | 

Not overly impressed put my SIM card in wouldn’t work had to put my wife’s sim in this worked so had to update all contacts that we had changed numbers also is not as loud as I would like but slightly better than my old phone hence 3 stars

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

0 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Monday, 14 August 2017  | 

Ordering and Delivery very efficient and prompt. my previous phone was the Geemarc Clamshell, this updated phone is great. The volume and clarity are superb for one who has severe hearing loss and wears hearing aids. Very user friendly!!

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

9 of 10 people found this review helpful.

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