Geemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio Headset
Geemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio HeadsetGeemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio HeadsetGeemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio HeadsetGeemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio Headset

Geemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio Headset

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Brand:  Geemarc
Product Type:  Head Set

Geemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio Headset

If you have a hearing impairment, everyday activities that should be enjoyable, like watching TV, can become a strain. Often the sound of the television isn't loud enough, causing you to miss out. Alternatively you may have to turn up the TV volume to a level which is too loud for non-hard of hearing family members.

The Geemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio Headset lets the hard of hearing receive crystal-clear audio from their TV. The high frequency level of the headset wirelessly delivers CD-quality audio sound straight to your ears, so you can enjoy your favourite shows without bothering others by turning the TV up too high.

The Base Station

There are two parts to the Geemarc CL7310; the headset and the base station.

With most headsets, the base station connects to the TV headphone port, directing sound exclusively to the headphone wearer. This headset uses a SCART connection, which means that other people in the room can still hear the TV even when the headset is in use.

The Geemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio Headset's base station sends the audio wirelessly on a 2.4Ghz Radio transmission, which means that you get CD-quality audio pumped into your ears. The headset has a great range; you can go up to 30m from the base unit and still hear the TV.

  • Convenient SCART connection allows for multiple users even with a headset wearer
  • 2.4Ghz Radio Transmission for high quality audio
  • Up to 30 metres of range from the TV
  • 2 batteries included

The Headset

The Geemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio Headset's headset delivers amazing sound quality, with volume settings that can go up to 125dB. The volume can be adjusted at any time using simple controls, and you can even select from stereo or mono sound.

  • Volume up to 125dB
  • Select stereo or mono sound
  • Simple to use controls

Do I Have to Remove My Hearing Aid to Use This Product?

Yes, this system is designed with a headset that fits snugly in your ears, meaning you must remove your hearing aid for proper use. If you would rather use a system that transmits an audio signal directly to your hearing aid, we recommend a neckloop system like the Sonumaxx 2.4 PR Headset System with Neckloop.

Features of the Geemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio Headset

  • Wireless headset - allows user to walk freely around house, non-restrictive
  • Delivers high frequency audio direct from TV to user's ears
  • Large up/down controls - for easy volume level adjustment
  • Selection of either stereo or mono mode
  • Built-in digital treble/bass adjustment (+/-10dB )
  • Balance control left/right
  • Surround amplification button - for high quality sound
  • Auto power ON for headset when the headset is worn
  • Comfortable, lightweight, under-the-chin style headset
  • Base plugs directly into your TV - for easy set-up
  • Digital 2.4 GHZ AFHSS transmission (Adaptive Frequency Hopping) – CD quality sound
  • 79 channels (20 hopping channels)
  • Base unit has a charging port for extra battery
  • Charged when you need it - headset recharges itself when paced back into the base unit
  • 3.5mm audio input stereo jack access in base unit
  • 2.5mm microphone input jack access in base unit

Technical Specification

  • Receiving amplification: up to 125dBspl
  • Frequency response: 45 - 15000Hz
  • Operating indoor range: up to 30m from the transmitter
  • Continuous usage time: 3 hours
  • Weight: 50g

Applying for VAT Relief

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User Manual for the Geemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio Headset

Click the PDF Icon below to download the user manual for the Geemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio Headset.

Geemarc CL7310 Wireless TV Radio Headset User Manual

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