Emporia KFT19SOS Large Button Phone with Separate SOS Button
 Emporia KFT19SOS Large Button Phone with Separate SOS ButtonEmporia KFT19SOS Large Button Phone with Separate SOS Button 

Emporia KFT19SOS Large Button Phone with Separate SOS Button

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Brand:  Emporia
Receiver Volume:  30dB
Ringer Volume:  85dB

Emporia KFT19SOS Large Button Phone with Separate SOS Button

Knowing that relatives and loved ones are safe, and that they could contact you in the event of an emergency is extremely important. The Emporia KFT19SOS Large Button Phone with Separate SOS Button has been designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that if anything were to happen, help is only one press of a button away. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Emporia KFT19SOS Large Button Phone
  • 1 x Emergency SOS Button (range up to 10m)
  • 1 x Lanyard that can attach the SOS button to your neck or wrist
  • 1 x Phone cable
  • 4 x AA batteries

Key Information

  • Receiver volume up to 30dB
  • Ringer volume up to 80dB
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Caller ID shown
  • Detachable SOS button included

How Does the Emergency SOS Bracelet Work?

There is an emergency SOS button clearly labelled on the phone, however if the user cannot get to the phone, pressing the Emergency SOS Bracelet will also activate the emergency call function. You can choose how many contacts the emergency call function will cycle through, up to and including 30  emergency phone numbers. The numbers will be called in sequence by pushing just one button.

Other Features of the Emergency Call System Include:

  1. DTMF confirmation of the emergency call means that the call cannot end up going to voicemail, instead it will continue to cycle through the emergency contacts until someone answers. 
  2. The emergency button can also be used to easily answer an incoming call whilst away from the phone, the hands-free function automatically switches on to ensure that you can still hear each other even away from the phone. 
  3. The emergency bracelet is included in your purchase and can even be used from a different room or floor. The 10m range of the bracelet extends even through walls, floor and ceilings, allowing for fantastic user safety.

Emergency Emporia SOS Button For Seniors and the Elderly
The emergency button can be worn as a bracelet or attached round the neck.

How Simple Is the Emporia Large Button Phone to Use?

The large dialling buttons and the clearly labelled SOS buttons on both the phone and the bracelet are example of what make this Emporia Amplified Phone simple and intuitive to use. Many other amplified telephones have difficult to navigate menus or complicated features that can be intimidating for those with with memory issues. At every stage during its design, the Emporia KFT19SOS has had simplicity, clarity and ease-of-use as priorities, and this translates to one of the most user-friendly phones that money can buy. 

How Does The Emporia KFT19SOS Work Even In a Power Outage?

It's paramount that if you're relying on an emergency button to be your means of contact during an emergency, it will work, even in the event of something unusual like a power outage. This phone includes 4 x AA batteries that will take over if the power goes out, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that even in a power failure you're still only one press of a button away. The batteries that allow this function are included with your purchase and a battery indicator on the phone's LCD screen will let you know if they ever start to run low. 

How Easy Is the Emporia KFT19SOS to Read?

The clear, backlit, illuminated LCD display is easy on the eyes while being crisp and clear, making it perfect for anyone with limited or impaired vision. The dialling buttons are very large and clearly labelled, which is not only perfect for anyone with limited vision but also ideal for anyone with conditions such as Parkinson's that can cause involuntary movement. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Large and easy to to read buttons that make dialling easy
  • Large, illuminated LCD display shows the date and time
  • Fully hearing aid compatible up to and including M4/T4 specifications
  • Caller-ID clearly displayed to make it easy to see who's calling
  • Shows missed calls and features an intuitive call back system
  • Includes a fully amplified alarm clock function 
  • Power outage battery backup

How Loud Is the Emporia KFT19SOS?

There is a choice of 3 different ringer volumes that will suit users with a wide range of different hearing abilities. The receiver is capable of a volume adjustment of up to 30dB which is loud enough for anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss. If you want to increase the volume down the other end of the line there is an easy, intuitive hands-free button that will increase the input volume of the microphone.

Is This Phone Suitable for Those Experiencing Memory Loss?

The KFT19SOS is a practical solution for anyone experiencing memory loss, the features that this phone offers for memory assistance include: 

  • Electronic Phonebook: Room for up to 30 contacts to make keeping in touch with loved ones simple and easy
  • SOS Button: A large red SOS button that can be pressed in cases of emergency or distress, allowing the user to call a set of up to 30 pre-programmed contacts.  
  • SOS Bracelet: In case the user is having trouble making it to the phone this emergency bracelet will activate the phone's emergency call function. 

Where Can I Find Out More?

If you want to see more information about this phone before you purchase, click here to read the user manual.

Emporia Guarantee

If a new device or its components exhibit defects resulting from manufacturing or material faults within 12 months of purchase, the device will either be replaced with a new, up-to-date device or repaired. To invoke the guarantee, please call the Emporia hotline. 

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